Cheap Last Minute Business Fares for Luxury Travel

iflyfirstclassAir travel is the fastest mode of transport invented by man. There are hundreds of airlines, connecting and travelling to various parts of the world. Air travel has truly made the world a smaller place. Air travel has allowed humans to travel to any corner of the world in a matter of hours.  It was the summer vacation after I had just finished high school. I wanted to go on a vacation with my friends before we all went to different colleges for graduation. It was me and 4 other friends who were planning the vacation and we were really stuck on which place we choose for the vacation.  All of us were crazy about football so we decided to go to Barcelona and watch the Catalan giants go head to head with Real Madrid. We booked the tickets for the match immediately and started looking for hotel stays and last minute business class to Europe.  We had only 10 days in had to do all the travel and stay arrangements. So we divided the work among ourselves. I was supposed to book the flight tickets and make arrangements for internal transport. The trip was coming out to be quite expensive and it was going way over the budget.

I was afraid that we may have to cancel the trip and go someplace else which I did not want. I decided to book economy class tickets for all of us to save up on money. I was searching for a good travel agent who could get us the tickets at a cheap price but as it was quite last minute and the economy class seats were filled up. I wanted this trip to happen at any cost even if it meant travelling in business class. I decided to resort to the internet and found a website that provided cheap last minute business class tickets.  I read up on their policies so to make sure that we won’t be scammed.

I called up a friend as asked him to check the site. After much debate we felt that the site was legitimate. The website gave us almost a 60 per cent discount on last minute business fares which allowed us to save a ton of money and the trip was back on track.  It sounded a little too good to be true and I was not convinced until I saw the ticket in my hand. As soon as paid for the tickets online I got a confirmation with in 1 day. I was really relieved with their message and happy about the fact that we were going to travel in business class and that too at such cheap prices. This was the first time that anyone of us was travelling by business class.  We booked return tickets so it was all well planned with everything pre-booked and paid for. Travelling through business class was a different feeling all together. It was amazing travelling in such luxury as it added to the entire holiday experience.

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