Cricket Loving Nations all Prepped for 2016 T20 Asia Cup

Asia Cup is one of the most prestigious and eagerly awaited tournaments in the Asian Zone. Cricket has always held a position of power and popularity among all the sports in the Asian region. The frenzy that accompanies any cricket series in the world is unrivalled and no one is exempt from getting swept up in its tidal wave of cricket craze.


India as a nation is united in its passion for the game. The upcoming T20 2016 Asia Cup has its people in the nook and corner of the country getting ready for the exciting tussle between their team and some of the premier cricket teams in the world like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, with one more qualifier team joining the fray.

Cricket lovers schedule their social events in their calendar around the Asia Cup matches they wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world. The cricket frenzy is so high in India that offices cannot rule out increased number of absences during the more important matches, India vs Pakistan for one.

From sprucing up their living room to accommodate friends and family to watch the matches together to organizing a outing to the nearest big screen relay of the cricket matches, a detailed planning is involved in being part of the 2016 T20 Asia Cup euphoria. 3 hours of adrenaline thumping cheering is game on right from the first match on 24th February.

Every restaurant in town screens the matches to lure customers to their tables, with most of them making a game night out of it. The frenzy surrounding the cricket matches reaches fever pitch during the semi finals and finals with the country virtually coming to a complete standstill for everything but Cricket. History is proof that India has a golden chance to make it to the final and maybe even take the Cup away from the defending Champions, Sri Lanka.

Cricket lovers across the world can catch the matches live while on the go. YuppTV has bagged exclusive rights for live streaming of 2016 Micromax Asia Cup T20 and is available across mobile platforms, which is a perfect way to catch all the 11 matches of the tournament. It broadcasts FREE across nations UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Malaysia, and Singapore and does a paid broadcast in US. With the entire nation gung-ho about the forthcoming T20 2016 Asia Cup matches, all else is easily forgotten and the sole focus is bound to be on the game day in and day out. Join the fun and catch all the exciting action live on YuppTV.

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A glance on selecting the racquets for your sports

Games are the most interesting aspect that could make enthusiastic for all people. The benefits of games are many. When you play games, the mind and body will get refresh easily. And also games are the perfect exercise that could make your fit and healthy. Moreover they are only thing that could attract the people irrespective of the age ranges. According to the mentality of people, everybody has their choice of games. Some people will like football and some will like cricket and some will volleyball. These are the outdoors games that could enhance the teamwork and concentration at a major level. But when coming to the people that the normal people can play at the leisure times, it will not suitable. In order to play such games, we need to be in the game counsel in which lots of members are active. They will participate in the tournaments and they will turn to be professional players. But there are some games that even normal people can play at homes with the two or three companions.

Tennis Stringing 1

Such games are badminton, shuttle cock, tennis. These three games are the very good fitness influencing games that anyone can play. The thing that is used to play these kinds of games would be racquet and a cork or a ball. With these two we can play and if people wish they can buy the net that spit the area between the two players.

We can buy these sports equipments easily in the physical stores as well as in the online stores. When you are buying in the virtual stores you can get the offers and also you can buy at a low cost when compare to the physical stores. Moreover you can buy the international branded racquets in the virtual stores at low cost. The only thing that you should notice in this would be finding the genuine website that could sell you the branded as well as the good quality products. There is some fake website widely available in the internet who could give the bad rated equipments at cheap cost. Do not get cheated by them. Before buying the product you should research about the genuineness and the trustworthiness of the website.

Then the most important thing that you should notice in buying the racquet   is strings. The strings should tight enough to hit the ball with good pressure. Tennis Stringing racquets that are made through machine are the good ones to buy. If you have any idea to buy the correct one you can ask for the coach for selecting the right one for you. If you are going to buy the one for playing professionally then you should have the extreme care in selecting. And you should select the good brand that could long last. The racquets can be customized according to your needed. There are shops widely available to satisfy your needs such as grip build up or strip replacement etc.


People are turning to the local bookmaker less and less lately and are starting to use the online betting facilities from the comfort of their own homes. There are many benefits when betting online over local bookmakers so we are not surprised people are doing this. Just a few of these advantages are listed below.

  • Your online bookmakers are in a world that is full of competition and not just any competition this is the kind that moves at a fast pace which is good news for clients as that means they are constantly looking for ways to improve the service they provide and stay on top of innovation meaning there should always be some exciting benefits around the corner. The best online bookmakers will offer live betting, live Streaming, competitive odds, a wide range of sports betting opportunities and range of different Apps.
  • Simplicity is key when it comes to online betting and you can usually find help and instructions on site which will make you feel at ease, even in the worst case scenarios where you would rather speak to someone there will be a customer support line ready and dedicated to helping you with any of your queries the best online bookmakers will offer support in email, telephone and live chat.
  • Anytime anywhere facilities will be offered to you by some of the more established online betting sites meaning you can check your account and place bets from a number of different locations as they have made that possible! So if you really wanted to bet on that football game but you are stuck on the train home from work there is no need to worry online betting shops should offer you a different means of placing bets and these should be either from your mobile, tablet or even the option to call in and have a member of the team place it for you!

Unibet is one of the bookmakers we found that has all the above and more so check them out if you would like an example of a great online betting shop.