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target-aboutus-layer1Finding human labor for certain jobs is easier than for others. You would think that finding a medical service provider will be such a simple task. After all, there are so many people looking for jobs nowadays and the jobs that are available to give away are too few. It is not just any doctor or nurse who will do a good job for your healthcare service organization. This is why you need to procure the right software for recruitment such as the famed Target Recruitment. This system has made life so much easier for so many individuals.

Recruit the right talent

Human resources software does not have to be so hard to find. Target Recruit is not just any software but rather it is the best of them all. It has been providing premium quality services to healthcare organizations all over the world for some time now. It is the quality of these services that has made this software program a very popular one among those in the healthcare profession. It addresses a whole lot of challenges that human resource personnel has when recruiting new talent in the medical world.

To start with Target Recruit is an online recruitment software program that was designed solely for the purpose of making the recruitment of healthcare practitioners so much easier. It walks the human resource team all the way from the sourcing to the hiring and management of the individuals.

  1. Sourcing for talent

This tends to be the hardest part of the job. It is not that everyone walks around with a neck tag that says that they are doctors or nurses. If this was the case it would be such a simple activity but since it is not, you will need software for recruitment such as Target Recruit. You can use the skills checklist that they have provided to make sure that you get the right professionals with ease. There is that position that you want to fill, this software will provide you with the skills that best match that position.

  1. Engagement of the new talent

It is not enough to find the new talent that you would like to add to your business. You will have to make sure that they have the right credentials for the job. No one wants to be treated by an unlicensed doctor. In the same way, there is no organization that wants to hire a medical practitioner who does not have the right certification. The arrival of internet technology has made it possible to engage individuals quite easily and efficiently. This is why you need an online recruitment software program like Target Recruit.

  1. Hiring and management

The final step will be to hire the new individuals. Once you have found the person that you would like to work with then you can proceed to close the deal. This human resources software allows you to do so many things from scheduling the shifts for the new individuals and managing their performance in the business.

Target Recruit is an amazing software program that offers a whole lot of benefits for HR professionals in the healthcare business. It is simple yet very powerful. It is also very affordable.

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Internet of Things combines WAN Networks and Energy Harvesting Sensors

The growth of Internet of Things technology will generate more devices that will need connectivity and communication capabilities. Not every remote area can be wired to provide localized Wifi.  Cellular requires high power consumption and placing towers in strategic areas

With wireless internet, we depend on multiple forms of connectivity:

  • Wifi
  • Cellular technology such as LTE/3G/4G
  • Satellite technology such as Dish

There have been other methods but most them have been unsuccessful

There is a need for low power wide area networks to communicate with remote devices.  These devices can represent beacons or sensors which transmit or receive data.  Two such WANs include LoRaWAN and SigFox.

LoRaWAN is an American consortium backed by IBM and Cisco.  Exhibitors at CES 2016 will be demonstrating versions of this new technology

SigFox is a European company that has gotten traction in Europe and making progress in the US. They operate similar to cellular companies. They erect “towers” in strategic distances so that their signals can travel from one tower to another eventually ending up in the cloud.

UntitledLet’s consider what devices can connect to a Low Power WAN such as LoRaWAN or SigFox. The devices will allow for Machine to Machine apps.  For example, one scenario can be an agricultural model where one needs to monitor temperature or moisture levels. A company can use a fleet of sensors in large areas.  Such devices need batteries which causes some constraints. For example, batteries need to be replaced and the other issue is cost. We need alternatives to battery power and this provides the attraction to energy harvesting devices.

Several companies offer energy harvesting chipsets and the following link provides methods for harvesting energy


fesrWe have to consider how information is transmitted to the Cloud using this technology.  In addition to the four featured here, another configuration may bring Energy Harvesting Sensors and Low Power WANs under one roof soon.

Figure 2 Traditional Network Configurations for Wireless Sensor Networks

Figure 3 is important because the benefit of this approach reflects the power consumption which is low network wide and cheaper.


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