4 Things You Need To Know Before Shopping for Rain Boots for Women

If are ever going to find the right rain boot for women, in particular on the internet, then there are four things you should know. For instance, you should ask yourself if the lovely knee-high boots will fit your calves. If you above average height-wise you should be the boots will be knee-highs or calf-highs. You should also know what retailers mean by the shaft of a boot. Without knowing most of this, buying a women’s rain boot online quickly becomes a daunting task. In fact, most women are suckered into buying cute womens rain boots with gorgeous pictures online, only to find they can’t wear the boot.

Here’s some of the most common rain boots for women jargon that you need to navigate the murky waters. Also, a few measuring tips to assist you to find the right size of rain boot for women are listed for good measure. After reading the information here, you can get all manner of women’s rain boots that will not only fit you but leave you looking gorgeous even when it’s raining.

Term One: Boot Shaft

Retailers and manufacturers use the term boot shaft to indicate the part of the boot that starts from the ankle and covers the rest of the leg.

Term Two: Circumference

Circumference is the measurement of the widest part of the shaft of a rian boot for women. To tell if a particular rain boot will fit you, measure the biggest part of your biggest calf. If it’s slightly smaller than the listed shaft circumference, then that particular rain boots for women is a perfect fit.

Term Three: Shaft Height

The height of the shaft is determined by measuring from the point where the shaft meets sole to the top of the shaft, along the inside seam of women rubber rain boots in question. To get a feel of where the top of the shaft hits on your leg, compare the shaft height to your the inside of your leg, starting at your instep.

Here are common women rubber rain boots shaft heights:

  • Thigh high: The shaft on this kind of rian boot for women is well over twenty-two inches.
  • Over the Knee: The shaft height on women’s rain boots rated over-the-knee ranges between eighteen inches and twenty-two inches.
  • Knee-high rain boot for women: The shaft height on this rain boot ranges between fourteen and eighteen inches.
  • Mid-Calf: Shaft height starts at eight inches and maxes out at fourteen inches.
  • Ankle-high women’s rain boots: The shaft on this boot can be as small as three inches or as tall as eight inches.

Term Four: Goring

A cute womens rain boots with a built-in elastic panel often referred as a goring is easier to put on. The goring can be on both sides of the boot, or at the back of the boots. Also, boots with goring are not as hard on your calf as women rubber rain boots that have no gorging.

There you have it, all the information you need to shopping for the right rain boot.