Best Practices To Follow For Business Debt Collection

Many debt collection agencies when it comes to collection of debt and it might just be a mistake that has occurred because the agency has not explains the time within which the debts are to be paid. When a business does not follow proper ethics for collection of money, a lot of possibilities may arise. It can be that a business pays off the debt later than the actual time or does not make the payments at all. To avoid these troubles, make sure that you have explained the terms and conditions of your business clearly and the rules that the commercial customers must follow when it comes to debt collection.

Combine the best skills

There is no rule of thumb that says that you must follow a specific way to get away from the burden of debts. In fact, the best thing is to contact the debtors within every six or ten days before things go berserk. Not only can you state the rules of payment to the business clients when you call them regularly but it is easy enough to get the payments on time when you establish a connection with them over the telephone. Many times, you think that a business will remit the amount sooner or later. While there is no dearth of circumstances in which payments might just start pouring within time, small mistake can turn out to be expensive.

Maintaining records and following laws

It is crucial to maintain a record of the credit and the businesses that have added to the accounts. For old businesses, you can always refer to the record of payments when there is a genuine problem. However, the new business accounts may not be familiar with the terms of payment and make mistakes but you must take action before accumulation of debts. In addition to that, the debt laws vary in different states and following the strategies of collection is important for those businesses that have offices in a particular state. To know more about the laws of debt collection all that you need to do is to click here and wait for the results.

Correction of mistakes

As far as business debt collection is concerned, stay away from the mistakes that you have committed in the past as it can prove expensive in the long run. It is necessary to examine the grounds of nonpayment and it may just be a simple resentment that a business wants to show to the debt collection agency. The best thing that you must avoid doing under such circumstances is to create a flicker. Resolving the disputes is necessary at first before you begin with the strategies of payment collection.

Following a method

Even though you have followed the best practices of debt collection when it comes to businesses, it may not be possible to recover the entire set of debts. One of the best things to do is to do is to segregate the accounts from which you can recover money and those that are just left on their own. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to save a lot of time and money that can be dedicated for other business purposes.


Approach Child Abuse and Neglect Attorney in Hackensack NJ for Quick Assistance

childAbuseNot too long ago, I was stuck in a problematic situation that called for assistance from child abuse and neglect attorney in Hackensack NJ. The situation unfolded acts of abuse and ill-treatment against one of my friend’s son. My friend Dave who happened to be a stockbroker led a successful life. However, his career as a stockbroker started to collapse as he turned 32. I had been friends with Dave since the sixth grade and we treated each other like family. However, as Dave got married, things started changing. His social circle started to deteriorate and most of the people he dealt with had a great impact over his life.

I regularly met Dave on the weekends and I spent time along with his son who was attending junior school. I noticed how things were changing for Dave and I could see how he was unable to overcome life and its adversities. His change in attitude had cost him all his reliable clients, customers, personal injury lawyer in Hackensack NJ, investors, and crucial people in his social circle. He soon started regretting the path he chose to become a stockbroker and in fact, he avoided being in touch with any of his friends. I used to call him frequently however, to my surprise, he used to either ignore it or put it straight through to voice mail.

As I realized that Dave was showing no interest, I started taking his son out during the weekends. His son Jacob was a bright kid with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. However, as things started worsening for Dave, I noticed that Jacob too was sort of facing a change in behavior. Initially, I did not understand the problem however, one fine evening the mystery was solved. Jacob revealed how Dave reached home late at night, completely drunk, and expressed negative behavior at home. In fact, he also had the nerve to raise his hand on his son and wife.

As I heard the story, I was left extremely disappointed. Jacob had also revealed the body marks that he had received from the beating. This was when I thought of taking things in my own hand. I approached Family Law Attorneys in Hackensack NJ to seek assistance through the internet. I summarized the issue to one of the attorneys and this expert had asked me to consult one of his friends who happened to be a lawyer, specializing in child abuse and neglect. I was advised that child abuse attorneys are the most reliable when it comes to handling such matters.

As the case proceeded, I discussed the issue with Dave’s wife to which she initially hesitated to file a case but later provided her consent. The child abuse attorney who was on our side was an expert in handling such matters and he looked after every crucial aspect right from scratch. A case was registered against Dave for depicting unhealthy behavior against his family. As the case proceeded, the attorney who debated from our end took care of every single aspect that needs to be addressed.

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The New 2016 Laws Sacramento Residents Should Know

With every new year, Californians can expect to see a number of new laws take effect. Often, these laws address a variety of important issues that came up in the previous year. The 2016 laws are no exception as they reflect a potpourri of changes that address everything from healthcare to hoverboards.

Here are some of the more noteworthy of the hundreds of laws to hit the books in 2016.

Gun Safety

There are several new laws in place to promote gun safety and prevent unfortunate accidents from happening. Now airsoft guns must be marked with a florescent-colored tip to indicate that it is not a real gun. This law will help law enforcement identify these realistic-looking guns for actual firearms.

Another law related to gun use will prevent concealed firearms from being carried on campuses, including K-12 schools and colleges.

And for families who are worried about the safety of their family members, a new law allows them to obtain a restraining order preventing that relative from owning a gun. This unique law hopes to prevent troubled individuals from committing acts of violence or self-harm.

Traffic-Related Laws

The number of new traffic-related laws runs the gamut from DUI restrictions to changes in the “pedicab” definition.

For starters, California drivers cannot have earbuds or a headset in both ears while operating their vehicle – this goes for bicycle riders, too. For vehicles involved in hit-and-run accidents, there will be a new “Yellow Alert” which will broadcast as much information as possible about the suspected vehicle on highway billboards.

Residents in Sacramento will see the interlock device pilot program take effect in the area. This law requires an ignition interlock device (IDD) be installed in vehicles for a set time depending based on number of offenses:

  • 5 months for first offense
  • 12 months for second offense
  • 24 months for third offense
  • 36 months for fourth (or more) offense

Another law changes the definition of pedicabs to include so-called “brew bikes” which would allow passengers to drink alcohol while riding them.

And for those who use popular ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber, they can now rest assured knowing their driver’s driving record is being regularly monitored by the DMV thanks to a new law.

Although not a car, hoverboards caught lawmakers’ attention last year as they soared in popularity. Now riders of these self-balance boards can operate them on bike paths but must wear protective gear while doing so. And, just like any other vehicle, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is now a criminal offense while operating a hoverboard.

Other Notable Laws

This year’s new laws aren’t just about criminal offenses and traffic violations. There are a number of new additions that promote health and safety for all residents of California.

For example, a new “Silver Alert” will publicly broadcast information about missing elderly individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Much like the “Amber Alert,” the Silver Alert will use the public’s help in locating and retuning a confused or disoriented elderly person as soon as possible.

After a measles outbreak in Disneyland that resulted in a fierce debate, a law was eventually passed that now requires full vaccination for the majority of children enrolling in school. While the law took place January 1st, 2016 it will be enforced starting with the 2016-2017 school year.

With the cost of living continue to rise, especially for residents of California, the state’s minimum wage was also raised this year from $9.00 to $10.00 an hour. This will help lower-income workers keep up with the rising cost of living.

Although this is just a small sample of the hundreds of laws to take effect in California for 2016, it illustrates how technology and economic changes guide lawmakers. With new laws covering things like hoverboards, brew bikes,and Uber drivers this year as well as updates to criminal offenses, this year’s laws are equally diverse and necessary to protect today’s Californians.

How is Child Custody Determined?

Most state laws have no presumption favoring one parent over the other in cases of child custody. It is usually determined by a variety of other factors. Every child custody case will be different, but there are always essential elements. These elements are those such as the relationship between the parents and child, which are considered by a court when deciding what parent will be given custody. It is a difficult matter to determine and in certain cases, a child may even refuse to accompany the parent that was given custody. Below is a list of factors courts consider when determining child custody.

Parental Communication

An important factor for courts when determining child custody is the communication that has existed between the parents, as well as between the each parent and the child. An important factor is how much time each parent has been around the child prior to the case of child custody, because it will determine who the child will feel the most comfortable with in most cases. The court will also look at how well each parent has complied and communicated with matters regarding the child. If one parent has been more obstinate with matters regarding the child custody, then they are more likely to not be held in good favor by the court that is determining the custody of the child.


Parental Employment

The court will also consider who has been the child’s primary caretaker. If one parent is unemployed, then the court may award custody to the parent who has a job and can best support the needs of the child. If custody is awarded to a parent without a job, then they may issue an order to seek employment or require the other spouse pay child support.


Safety of the Child

During a case of child custody, the most important factor a court takes into consideration is the safety of the child. If a parent has any history of medical instability or other behavioral issues, they may not give custody to a parent unless there is proof that they are no endangerment to the child. They will look at if either parent has any criminal offenses or instances of domestic violence. The court will also look at the stability of the home environment for both parents and which is most conducive to the child’s well-being. They will consider the quality of the child’s education thus far and who could provide for their continued education the best. A court will also look for who can best provide for the needs of the child and adequately handle the financial burden of the child.


After a court had determined what parent has received custody, they must then determine what type of custody it will be, sole custody, joint physical custody, or joint legal custody. All financial and visitation orders must be considered and issued before a child custody case is concluded.

3 Ways to Legally Separate

If you have a marriage that is headed for divorce, you should first be prepared to separate. In many states, this is a legal requirement before a divorce will be granted. There is a variety of ways that you may choose to live apart from your spouse as long as you’re legally required to do so. It’s ideal to know the different types of separation if you’re in this situation.

Trial separation

Some couples may be unsure if divorce is the best option. Many married couples have spent years and even decades together. This is an enormous investment of time, and there are many emotional, physical and financial bonds that may help keep the couple together.

Divorce can be a scary thing even if both of the spouses don’t get along at times. It’s not uncommon for a trial separation to take place to allow the spouses to determine if each is happier living alone. This type of separation has not legal bearing and won’t until the couple decides to separate legally.

Additionally, at any time the spouses that are involved may end the separation and go back to married life or make a decision on a divorce.

Living separately

Some couples may choose to live separately due to various individual situations such as a job or others that require each other to live apart. This is typically the decision of the spouses and doesn’t usually require legal consequences for doing so.

However, other situations such as this may hinge on getting a divorce. For instance, if either of the spouses’ files an at-fault divorce, this may require living separately in some states before the divorce will be granted. Additionally, there may be some questions about property division if this situation goes on indefinitely.

Legal separation

Once a married couple decides that the union is over and wants a divorce, it’s common for a legal separation to take place. This type of separation is frequently required for the spouses to end the marriage through divorce.

The amount of time a legal separation must be effect will vary per state. However, there are many states that require a couple to be separated for at least a year before a divorce will be granted.

It’s a good idea for the couple to know how the property will be divided to avoid a long and drawn-out legal battle. If this isn’t decided by the spouses, the court will be in charge of doing so, and this could be costly. For instance, the average cost of a contested divorce is $15,000-$30,000, and this could be much more in many cases.

Knowing the details of what to expect before getting a divorce may be helpful to many spouses. You should, at least, be informed about the various types of separations beforehand. Be sure to consult with your family lawyer for accurate legal advice to assist you at this difficult time.

Rely on this Alabama Tax Lawyer for Relief from IRS Audits

indexI had received an IRS audit, and it was one of the scariest events that I ever had experienced.  I do not wish to dramatize it as something obnoxiously spine-chilling, but I could gauge the serious trouble that I was supposedly embroiled in. This is the time my friend connected me with a tax expert from Alabama. I was really bad in understanding most of the tax terminology, so I agreed to pay a visit to this reputed tax attorney firm. It had offices in the state of Alabama and Georgia, and had widespread clienteles to their credit. Client testimonials were good and this tax attorney had good rankings on the internet. I was happy that I was in good hands of a legal expert who had proficiency in tackling all matters pertaining to taxation.

Although at the first instance, I was unsure of the ways to proceed, a consulting session with this tax specialist law firm made me aware of the many loopholes that prevailed in the arena of taxation. I was sure that these specialist attorneys with the firm were full-fledged in undertaking an IRS review as much as in the evaluation of tax filings. An IRS audit for me was indeed a nerve-racking event, but I was happy that I had met a legal expert that could manage my issues effectively. My tax attorney imparted certain cues in me that had me enlightened with the formalities to be adhered to as regards the correspondences that I receive from the IRS.

This Birmingham based law firm assured me that it would take all the steps to ensure that the desired processes are carried out to beat the audit. I was never a tax person and all the tax employees that my business hired were unfortunately nothing but damp squibs. With a lot of errors having been accumulated over the years, I needed a tax expert that drained out all the miscalculations done by my previous accountants. I was going through turbulent times and I thank my friend for introducing me to this prestigious legal firm having specialized IRS tax lawyers. My lawyers were ready to take all the essential steps to succeed an audit, and which they had communicated with me.

If you are in a tax mess and want to beat an IRS tax audit, then you have to do a lot more than merely auditing of numbers. All the intricacies  involved in the mess that my tax accountant had created over the years, was taken into due consideration by the tax expert at this Alabama tax firm by adding substantial time and effort in order to carry out everything properly. It is not only dealing with the numbers and reports that you have to undertake, but you also need to depict your facts as a blueprint of everything that occurred.

My tax expert knew the possibilities that transpired from following a certain code of conduct with the IRS. If your auditor fails to see your point of view, it could lead to catastrophic results.


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4 Top Traits to Look For In Your Orange County Family Law Lawyer

yanezlawDivorce hearings are stressful and emotional.  At times divorce hearings can get mean and nasty. If you do not have adequate legal assistance at your side, you are left to navigate this difficult experience in your life alone. With the help of a highly qualified Orange County Family Law Lawyer you will not only have an attorney guiding you through the process but also peace of mind knowing your divorce is filed and negotiated by an experienced Orange County Family Law Lawyer. There are many family law attorneys in California how do you pick the best? Here are some qualities to look for:

Case-building Skills

An experienced Orange County Family Law Lawyer can assist in the divorce settlement process.  You need a confident lawyer but the lawyer must not be too aggressive.  Find a lawyer you are comfortable with. A lawyer you can communicate with who will listen to you and help you build a strategy for your case. Make sure the lawyer is experienced in all aspects of family law.  Ask how many trials, support and custody hearings they have settled and or litigated.


Hiring an attorney with ample support staff or a firm ensures that the legal representative you choose will have the ability to work your case in a timely fashion.  An Orange County Child Support Attorney will help you obtain a guideline child support order and if needed will have the ability to argue for a low income adjustment and or a lower support order if you are a high wage earner.

Genuine Concern

Filing for a divorce is a very tough decision. You need someone you can rely on and this means your lawyer must show genuine concern. To ascertain their genuine concern, ask about the recent cases they have handled and the outcomes. The Lawyer needs to tell it like it is in simply language.  The Orange County Spousal Support lawyer you hire should be honest, hardworking and passionate about the law. Ask for referrals for a divorce attorney in Orange County


During the initial consultation you must determine whether the attorney is amiable and easy to work with.  Without good rapport, your case will crumble and you must ensure a working relationship exists between the two of you before you hire.

Most divorce cases are won through innovative thinking. A good lawyer must understand every nuance of the law in order to turn things around. For this to happen, they must have resources to investigate and ensure they know more than the other side. Are you looking for an Orange county spousal support lawyer? Now you have a checklist of qualities to look for.


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