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postyourstoriesChildren should get the freedom to express their creative skills so that they feel good about the work they do. All children are taught to write stores from a young age but with time, they lose this habit. The only good reason I can think of for this is the lack of motivation parents give to it. Writing is something that develops over time and has to be nurtured well. For this, parents should motivate their children to keep doing something they like so that their passion is kept alive. If your kids write stories, you can post their work on a reputed kids blogging website.

I have two children who are very keen on writing stories. I believe that it is very important to have control over the English language and so I keep pushing them to read as much as they can so that they are able to develop knowledge  about the language in a good manner. The best age to learn and master the language is in their age as their minds are fresh. Whatever they learn at this age is imbibed in their head. The only thing with kids is that they tend to get bored with things quite easily. Except a few, not many children have the patience to actually sit and write something unless they are forced to. They cannot be blamed for this too.

I wanted to ensure that my children do not leave the habit of writing good stories. Apart from what they write as part of their school work, I wanted them to do something independently too. For this, I knew that what they need is a good amount of motivation. While checking online for something, I came across this amazing kids writers website. This blog gives kids the opportunity to write stories and post them on the website. All you have to do is register with the site and start posting what your child writes. I registered both my kids on this website and started posting their work on the website.

Due to this, they have got really motivated to write even more and post. When they see that their work is acknowledged and is posted on such a well-known blog site, they feel good and happy about the stories they write. Due to this motivation, they end up writing even more. Not only this, along with posting the stories of my kids, they are even able to read what others have written. By reading other kids stories, my kids get some new ideas and are able to develop their skills.

This blogging site has given my children and me an idea of where they stand in terms of writing and the extent to which they need to improve to be good. It is great to see that so many kids show keen interest on writing their lovely stories, post them on the blog site, and portray their talent. It is also fun to read all these stories, as they are a good blend of creativity, fun and innocence.


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