What to Look for in a Windows Server Hosting Provider in the UK

Website hosting(1)Making the decision to have your website hosted on a Windows server is one step towards enjoying the benefits that the operating system has to offer. It is a fact that most web designers lean towards Linux when it comes to web servers but Windows is just as good or even better when it compatible with your needs. Apart from helping in the running of individual websites, Windows servers are also used by a number of corporate organizations, indicating that it is reliable and worth investing in. Nevertheless, the best way to get all the benefits associated with a Windows based server is know what to look for in windows hosting packages. Some of the features that should stand out include:

  • Compatibility

For Windows web server to work well they partner with a number of applications that are work well with this particular operating system. Fortunately, Windows based servers work with a number of applications such as MySQL, Apache and PHP. These technologies which are often referred to as “open source” are also found on other popular web servers as well.  It is therefore important to confirm whether your provider for windows server hosting UK offers you hosting services that support these important applications.

  • Useful features

The features of a web server plays an important role in its overall functionality, which makes it important to have an idea of those that your Windows hosting provider is offering you. Most hosting packages for Windows have great features but to get specific ones, you will have to compare what each package has to offer. Some of the common features that hosting providers of Windows servers in the UK make available for their clients include, SQL server for database management; Microsoft FrontPage for web design and ability to create content using ASP among others.  These features are the engine behind the powerful functionalities of Windows server platform.

  • Software updates

Since your Windows server will be used to store sensitive data, it is important that it have the highest security at all times. To ensure this happens, window based servers have their software as well as operating system regularly updated. It is important to confirm with your hosting provider if this will be the same for the services they will be offering you or your business. If they offer such updates then you can rest assured that your applications will always be fresh and security features  will remain up to date at all times.

Overall, the Windows server package that you select from your provider will determine the type of service that you will receive. It is therefore important to do some research in advance before engaging a hosting provider to set up a server on your behalf. Sometimes, the hosting provider is mostly focused on getting a buyer for their Windows servers and will not give out all the information you may need to make an informed decision on the same.

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