How Much Does It Cost to Get Into An Upscale Sober Living Program?

PurerecoveryIf you want full recovery from substance abuse, you need more than a brief stint in rehab. You should also consider spending time in an upscale sober living facility. Many individuals fresh out of rehab go into relapse. Their sudden return to the outside world simply becomes too much to bear that they succumb to the temptation that puts them in rehab in the first place. To ensure that your recovery is complete, getting into a halfway sober home is the wisest to go. But can you afford it?

The Cost of Halfway House Sober Living

Halfway house sober living facilities work in the same way as normal housing. A recovering addict gets to pay the rent for the residential facility but only with the perks of therapy, treatment, counseling and other programs beneficial to his recovery and return to the community.

Though there are upscale halfway sober homes, most halfway house sober living facilities are designed to be affordable to ensure that recovering addicts have a place to live and prepare for the long haul ahead. This is a place that teaches them to effectively adapt to the outside environment without having to go back to their drug or alcohol dependence. It aims to instill independence while helping them to get back on track may it be in sports, life skills, sense of trust and belongingness, confidence and so on.

Employment Stipulations

Many, if not all, halfway sober homes carry stipulations pertaining to continuing education and employment on their contracts. Often, these facilities require that their residents get into an educational program or training (for youths) while adults must adhere to finding and maintaining employment while staying in the facility. This helps them enjoy more of their independence as well as practice a sense of responsibility by paying for their own stay. Some facilities for sober living for men also provide counseling for those who are not ready to work just yet.

How to Save on Cost

The cost of living in one of these sober living for men facilities usually includes rent, utilities and food. One way to save on cost is to share a room with one or more persons. Rent and utility costs can be divided among the tenants while food can also be done in the same way depending on your agreement. Money usually paid for these facilities help finance their operational costs and staff wages. Be reminded that while it works in the same way as any housing facilities, these halfway sober homes also have a battery of therapists, counselors and medical experts on their payroll to ensure that you get steady treatment and therapy preventing any form of relapse while easing your transition back into society.

All in all, the cost of living in a halfway house sober living facility is outweighed by its benefits. Recovering from addiction may be a tough nut to break but when done correctly, you can finally get a new lease on life. Who knows, you can even mentor someone who is also trudging the same path as you are right now.

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