Wish your corporate people with amazing gifts

Let your clients, business partners and employees know that they are very special to you by sending them attractive as well as useful corporate gifts in India. Sending out corporate gifts to professionals is a nice gesture that would take the business forward. To fulfil your corporate gifting requirement, you can have a look at the following ideas and shower them on corporate people.


  1. The bar box: It is a complete kit for making cocktails. It would contain Opener, Muddler, Strainer, Jigger & Bar Spoon and make sure that the box is made out of good quality leather. Leather is a material that lasts really long and therefore to gift the hefty people of your corporate world, leather is the best material.
  1. A vintage card wallet: Various business cards to be kept precisely in this vintage looking card wallet is a nice corporate gift idea.
  2. Coffee gift box: A set of two coffee mugs, preferably wooden one along with a box of coffee belonging to a famous coffee brand and also some wooden coasters is undoubtedly the best corporate gifts in India. Go for it and keep the professional energized with every drop of coffee.Regular_V1_DV
  3. A voucher to some cinema: Spending some time away from office actually helps people to regain their energy level to get back to work. So, you can send your employees out for a movie so that they can enjoy away from the office and also remain thankful to you for the wonderful gift.
  4. Paperweight: A paperweight of some funny and cool shape like a truck or laughing Buddha would be another decent corporate gift ideas in India. Apart from a paperweight it can also be used to keep pen, pencil, rulers, etc.
  5. Photo Frame; For your boss’s birthday, you can get a personalized photo frame. It can be presented either on his birthday or on anniversary. Team this gift along with an elegant bouquet of lilies.
  6. Tissue box: One of the important ingredients to be kept in an office desk is tissue papers. Therefore, a tissue box would be a perfect one for the corporate world.
  7. A travel bag: A passport keeper, card holder, a sim tray, along with a travel bag would comprise this great gift. In fact you can also go forward with a duffel bag or a 360 degrees rotating trolley bag. This would be helpful for office assignment trips.Regular_V3_DV
  8. Folders: These days folders of various materials, colors, and textures are easily available. For helping your corporate people keep the important office paper works, you can go ahead with this idea of gifting a folder. Make sure you gift a zipped one instead of buttoned ones.


Joyetech EVIC Battery Set – An Ideal Gift Option

rookwinkel.nlMy friend loved to smoke; he always gushed how it made him feel better and helped him cope with his stressful career. He was an event manager and as such was always on the road. For his upcoming birthday, I was stuck on what to give him as a present. Being the unconventional type with a hectic work life, there was nothing I could think of. Then it clicked me, why not gift him an e-cigarette. Surely elektrisch roken was a much better choice. The last time he had met, he told me about his plans to quit smoking. I think this was the perfect opportunity to get him started.

I looked online for a reliable site to see all the brands and products available. I was impressed to see a number of companies that made quality e-cigarettes. The website I came across was a dedicated electronic cigarette shop and sold a number of accessories and brands of e-liquids as well. I specially liked the Joyetech EVIC starter kit that seemed perfect for a beginner like my friend.

The starter set came with all the accessories one needs to start electronic smoking straight away. It included batteries, charger, clearomizer, e-liquid, and of course the cigarette itself. The site’s collection of brands of starter kit was brilliant. My choice of Joytech was the result of the amazing reviews I had read about reliability and durability. It was perfect for someone who traveled frequently. I also added the Joyetech EVIC battery to my cart, simply because an extra battery was something I thought my friend would need. I was glad to have made this purchase and cannot wait to gift it. This site is highly recommended for anyone looking for everything e-cigarette.

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