Kick start your Monday in style with these simple tips to follow!

To start off the Monday is a big challenge for every salaried person. Unless you are an entrepreneur, you can hardly enjoy the Monday morning. It comes in with a lot of challenge and upcoming hurdle which can neither be ignored nor dealt with. But one has to, as there is hardly a choice left! So, here are some fast tips of handling your MondayMotivation!

Prepare well on Sunday!

Take a little time out of the Sunday enjoyments and plan for your Monday- take out the dress, shirt trouser or tie that you would like to wear- you will feel motivated. Not only that, also plan the day as you would like it to unfurl. Of course it cannot be exactly what you are planning to, but you are better prepared with a time management chart in place! That makes you be mentally at peace and without worries, thereby decreasing on the stress!

Eat healthy!

Sunday is most probably a day for dining out. Try to be a bit choosy so that you can avoid oily food to the best. Avoid pizzas and deep fried stuffs as they suddenly shoot up the free radicals in the body that make you feel tired the next morning. Also avoid aerated drinks and alcohol for the same reason and switch to fresh fruit juices. The best thing is to shift all of it to the Saturday night and go healthy on Sunday dinner.

Start off with working out

Start off the Monday with a workout session. It will call for getting up a bit early, and that is why make sure not to be late for sleep on Sunday night; rather push the late night activities on to Saturday!

On Monday, get up early and have a brisk workout- it fuels the body for almost the first half of the week! Keep a small motivation in place to push yourself for the early workout- prepare fruit juice overnight and keep it ready for starting off the day before workout!

Have a healthy and hearty breakfast

Try avoiding bread and butter for the breakfast, and even egg, since you ate quite heavy over the weekend. Just go for the lighter options- corn flakes or oats in lukewarm water. This drains out the free radicals in the body with its fibrous substances, thereby increasing the level of energy as the day unfurls.

Support the breakfast with fresh fruit juice, and for once, avoid tea or coffee. Go for absolutely fresh lemon or orange juice that kick-starts the day for your body. The organs start working well and the nervous system is freshened up too; so head start for a great MondayMotivation!

Music and fragrance play great roles

Put on soft music as you drive for work- it can keep your worries off and your mind fresh in the morning of the Monday. Also put on little fragrance, body or deo spray that again rejuvenates the nervous system thereby pumping in more energy into the system!

Expanding Into Outside Catering

When you already know how to run a successful commercial kitchen, developing an outside catering business can be very rewarding. Catering for social events such as weddings and balls, or prestigious corporate events such as awards ceremonies and product launches can initially seem quite daunting, but word soon spreads. With good planning and an attractive range of menus you could find your services in great demand sooner than you think.

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Your preparation kitchen

Of course you need a dedicated preparation kitchen equipped with everything necessary to prepare most of the food you offer ready to transport it to the venue just before it needs to be served. With today’s commercial refrigeration equipment you will be able to store the prepared dishes at a safe temperature to be delivered to the event in peak condition.

Since August 2014 it has been a legal requirement for food businesses to provide information about possible allergens in the food they produce so that people with food allergies or intolerance are able to identify them. Further information is available from the Foods Standards Agency to ensure you comply with the new legislation.

Bar Facilities

It makes sense for an outside catering organisation to hold its own Drinks Licence so that bar facilities can be provided along with the food at events such as weddings and parties. The Institute of Alcohol Studies gives information about the different types of licences needed.

Meeting Needs

Providing a range of menus for different events and price ranges is the key to success. Perhaps around five or six different menus for wedding breakfasts would be ideal, with two or three formal sit-down meals and the same number of buffet options to offer something for everyone.

Cold buffets are very popular at corporate events, and if you include one or two options for an impressive centrepiece to the buffet it can make the table really memorable. All the equipment you need will be available from companies such as Fridge Freezer Direct Ltd. Themed menus for both buffets and formal dinners are often popular. You could consider offering Mexican, Chinese or Indian finger or fork buffet menus and fine dining menus, for example.

Make it clear how many courses are included and whether your price includes beverages such as tea and coffee as well as options such as mints at the end of a meal. Customers will also need to know whether you provide tablecloths and napkins. Depending on the venue, you may need to provide crockery, cutlery and glassware – this will need to be discussed with each customer before quoting a price for the event.

Decide on the maximum and minimum covers you wish to provide. Some customers may request your service for a private intimate dinner, so if this is something you offer, make sure that it features in your advertising.

Success often comes through word of mouth but this does not need you can neglect marketing your business and today, social media such as Facebook and Twitter are at least as important in attracting new clients as printed material.

Suggestions to get the maximum benefit from happy hour

What exists not to like about Happy Hour? It provides you a possibility to unwind after work, sample food from area dining establishments, and take pleasure in reduced beverages varying from bottled beer to mixed drinks. In spite of what you might believe, not all Happy Hours are developed similarly. In order to completely enjoy this type and value of promo, you have to keep a couple of things in mind to be sure you’re actually getting an offer, otherwise you might wind up being enticed into the dining establishment with the guarantee of a bargain while in fact investing more than you planned.


Here are some things to try to find in a Happy Hour:

  1. Great consumes at inexpensive costs. Test a dining establishment or bar’s menu for a portion of the rate you ‘d pay normally. Some facilities provide free appetisers or treats as a way of getting individuals through the front door. Strategy your meal around this time period. Fill on low-cost food and beverages then go to the movies or out dancing.

2.2 for 1 beverage specials. Clubs and dining establishments count on you acquiring more than you planned to. That’s why they provide beverage specials. They desire you to spend your cash on more pricey menu products. Go to a place that has marked down or free food if you desire to prevent this. This will avoid you from investing a small fortune. Order something small or offer to divide the expense of a bigger appetiser with the group if you do not desire to look like the affordable one amongst your friends.

  1. Live entertainment. Who does not enjoy music or live trivia? Few individuals will say that live entertainment removes from Happy Hour. Companies know this and that’s why they pay individuals to come in and amuse you. Aim to strike up the dining establishments and bars that provide this service. You’ll take pleasure in reduced food and beverages and pay attention to a band, an artist and even a comedian perform his/her regimen.
  2. Versatile hours. Attempt to choose the HAPPY HOUR APPLEBEES that best fits your needs. Many individuals, specifically tourists, have versatility in their schedules. Check out a dining establishment or bar’s site prior to going to inspect what hours they’re providing specials. This will offer you a much better concept of what time to appear.
  3. Pleasant company. Get a group of colleagues or friends and set off to Happy Hour if at all possible. Having individuals to talk with makes the experience much more positive. Do not fret if you go at it solo. You’ll satisfy lots of individuals while you exist having a beverage.

Happy Hour is an economical way to sample dining establishments and bars in your city. Find out which facilities provide specials and make strategies to examine them out. You have absolutely nothing to lose than a couple of hours of your time.