Hip Summer Beach Destinations Beyond Bali for Fashion Conscious Aussies 

The summer is here and it is the time-honoured Australian tradition to pack a hot bikini and head over to Bali. Alas, January is approaching bringing with it torrents of rain to the white-sand shores of Bali. Not to worry, there are plenty of other places to enjoy the warm sun wearing that Zulu & Zephyr one piece swimsuit. Here’s a useful list of sunny places Aussies can enjoy without reservations:


You don’t have to get on a nine hour flight across oceans to enjoy the sun and powder-fine beaches of Perth. The summer is quite generous to the famous West Australian city, which enjoys a soothingly temperate, not too hot, not too cold kind of weather in January and February. It is the best place to show off a chic Kiini bikini accessorised with a hat, and to enjoy a good book breathing in the West Australian breeze.


Langkawi, Malaysia

Forget Bali, after New Year’s Eve, Langkawi has the best weather and the most alluring hotels for Aussies to retreat to. Give your year a memorable jumpstart at a captivating overwater villa at Langkawi, a fantastic beach destination with gorgeous white-sand shores. Do not be afraid to show off your Chanel swimwear on Langkawi’s beaches and sip cocktails until the summer is over. Sporty fashionistas will not be left out; Langkawi has excellent outdoor excursions like boat rides through mangrove forests, muddy ventures into paddy fields in search of freshwater molluscs, thrilling cable car rides and more water sports than the Bahamas.


Can you imagine a more picturesque destination to wear branded roxy bikinis than the stunning Maldives? Get away from it all to a mesmerizing resort island and laze your days away on a postcard perfect beach. Maldives is world famous for luxurious beach villas with dip pools, underwater restaurants, underwater bars and, of course, diving and snorkelling excursions. Try jet skiing or parasailing to lose the weight you will eventually gain munching on beachside snacks. Who knows, you might even meet an A-lister here.

Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Ditch the usual clichéd beach destinations and enjoy the warm tropical sun on the southern coast of the “pearl of the Indian Ocean.” Summer is the best time to visit the southern and western coasts of Sri Lanka, as the monsoon rains shift to the North-Eastern parts of the island in November. The famous down south beaches open up for tourists and uncountable beach parties are held to mark the occasion. The western coast of the island is heavily commercialised and crass, so the best chance to enjoy tropical scenery is to head over to the white-gold beach at Unawatuna. You can swim, sunbathe, and afterwards go on excursions to the indolent farming villages nearby to enjoy breathtaking scenery of serene paddy fields and stupas rising from hilltops in the distance.

Ngapali, Myanmar

Take out your classy monokinis to visit the enamouring Ngapali beach in Myanmar in the summer. No, you won’t find five-star beach resorts or Michelin-starred restaurants here. That is exactly what makes Ngapali such an alluring destinations for Aussies looking for a beach break away from the tourist hordes and drunken backpackers. Myanmar’s relative political isolation and almost closed-off borders has managed to protect Ngapali’s wide, feather-soft shores from the party crowds. Sun worshippers at Ngapali are greeted with somnolent scenery of coconut palms rustling in the sea breeze, fishermen dragging catch ashore and village women carrying baskets full of produce to their beach shacks. Simply put, it’s the most charming and perfect beach you’ll ever find on the Southeast Asian tourist trail.

Goa, India

Your parents in their hippie days probably enjoyed the golden beaches of Goa, and you will, too. This revered beach destination is ideal for Aussies who like to party, listen to music, eat and dance until dusk on an exotic beach. You can take your pick among all manners of hotels and guesthouses as your budget demands at Goa. The socially conservative attitudes of rest of India do not apply to Goa, so don’t worry about wearing that sexy Sea Dreamer swimsuit here (but no G-strings, please).


Boracay, Philippines

Don your flashiest swimsuit because it’s the festival time in Boracay, Philippines’ most famous beach destination. Santa-time doesn’t end in December for this islander nation, which celebrates the longest Christmas in the world starting from September and ending around mid-January. That means you can enjoy ebullient tribal celebrations honouring the miraculous powers of baby Jesus between the sunbathing sessions.

Yes, there are vacation destinations beyond Bali, and as you can see from the list above, some places can even be better.

Formal shirts can also blow your mind away

Shirts are quite commonly worn by many people around the world for several reasons. They look elegant; they are quite exquisite, they are quite regal, and they are termed as the ultimate most formal attire that you can be a part of. One of the most famous stores in this segment is Forever 21.

images (55)

Shirts are worn by many fashion enthusiasts too. In fact contrary to the fact that shirts are only worn by people who want to look formal, shirts are also worn by people to flaunt and depict style. That’s the reason why both men and women love to wear shirts. They not only cover all the bylaws of the formal fashion attire, but they also depict the trendiness of the cloth.

Shirts are unisexual

Men love warning shirts, especially when the need it for formal use. However, girls also love wearing the shirts. They really adore the style and the elegance that the cloth provides to them.  Women can wear shirts to several places and to various types of occasions. They can not only rock the official wear, but they can also storm any other event with a crispy and a tight shirt. Shirts are always cool, and that’s the reason why you can always use them.

Apart from the style factor, the shirts are also quite comfortable to wear. If you think about it, you can easily wear shirts in any type of climate. It does not matter whether it is raining or its bright sunshine outside; you can easily use the shirts to make yourself trendy and also comfortable. Apart from that, your shirts can also be used with several other clothes.  For example, during the winter time, one can easily wear a shirt and put on a sweater or a jacket over it. It can easily become a simple, yet elegant, style statement, which you can show off to people. It can easily make you’re a show stopper too!

Shirts for various occasions

You can easily wear shirts to various occasion and events. That’s because there are several types of shirts that are available for you to select.  Of cause formal shirts are the most common forms of shirts; however with the right combination you can rock them at many places apart from your office or workspace.

For example, if you go for trendy jeans along with your formal shirt, then you can easily rock an evening at any type or kind of event. In fact, formal shirts can go with any type of trouser or pant as it can easily mix up as per your convenience. If you just take a look at the Forever 21 website and store, then you’d understand what we are talking about. You simply will be graced with tons of options in terms of your formal and semi-formal attire.

Shirts of various shades

Now formal shirts can be of various shades and colours. Most formal shirts are quite elegant and sober in nature. They are also found in one or 2 colour combos, as they have to maintain the elegance. Just take a look at the Forever 21 store and you’d understand the colours and the shades.

Time To Upgrade Your Gym Wear

When planning to hit the gym, it is important that you consider what you are wearing to the gym sessions. You cannot carry the same look all the time. The best that you can do is to upgrade your gym wear wardrobe from time to time and create an amazing look. You do not have to carry the same look every time when you visit the gym. You can play a little with the same, in the form of colors and styles. All you need is to go ahead and experiment a little. However, make sure that in the lieu of looking stylish, you do not compromise with the comfort factor. Your comfort plays an important role in determining how well do you workout.

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When you choose quality clothes, you can be make that you are choosing something that is durable. Even though you have to spend a little extra over such apparels, you can make sure that you are getting something that is going to last longer. While working out in gym, you need to look good but without compromising with comfort factor. A quality prone sportswear would let you workout while being flexible enough. You need to pay attention to the material of your clothes. Opt for something that offers maximum stretch so that when you stretch your body, there is no pressure over your arms, shoulders or legs.

Make sure you buy comfortable tank tops, capris and yoga pants made from quality fabrics such as lycra and spandex. They often extra stretch and let your skin breathe well. There is definitely no shortage in terms of styles when you shop for such apparels at Fabletics. Known as a reliable online sports shopping store, you can here find sportswear in amazing designs and styles. You need to keep in mind the fact that the elasticity of your sports bra tends to lose with time, which is why you will have to make sure that you keep on upgrading the assortment of sports bra. A loose one, would fail to offer the desired support and would ultimately make you look bouncy.

Just like clothing, you need to pay equal attention to the shoes. The shoes for gym wear are quite solid and usually last for long durations. However, if you feel that you have used your shoes for a significant time and they are not losing their grip, you will need to chance them as well. You will have to look for high quality running shoes that let offer immense support and sufficient grip while you workout. You will have to focus upon the sole and the cushioning for that extra comfort.

Luckily, at Fabletics, you can find an amazing range of apparels at great prices. All you need is to drop by and start shopping as per your tastes and choice. Click here to read more about Fabletics and the product range that is offered  here. You need not to worry about style and comfort as each of these factors seems to match the product line available here.

How to Become A Successful Fashion Designer

The world of fashion designing is full of talented young fashion designers who are hoping to make big in fashion industry. It is not hard to become good fashion designer but you should have much more than just style and talent to become a good and successful fashion designer. You should have determination to promote as well as market yourself until you get noticed by the people. There are some requirements that should be fulfilled in order to become a successful fashion designer. Here are few steps that you should follow.


  1. Ask Questions:

First, you should know who fashion designers are and what they do. Fashion designers create billions of clothes, shoes and accessories that are purchased by people who love fashion. Fashion designers study different trends regarding fashion, sketch designs for clothing and accessories, choose fabrics and colors for designs.

  1. Get Educated:

You should join a fashion designing course in order to get well educated about the world of fashion and its trend. The world of fashion is very competitive as you will need to have right education in order to become big in fashion industry.

  1. Get an Internship:

It is very important to get an internship as it will help you to know more about the fashion industry and in practical way. Aspiring fashion designers gain valuable experience by working as an intern, as personal stylists, as custom tailors or in retail stores.

  1. Portfolio:

Portfolio is very important part of your fashion career that you create. One of the best way to build a great portfolio is by staying focused during your stay in the fashion school and by completing each of your projects that you will be presenting it to your potential customers or to your employers.

  1. Get a Job:

Competition in fashion designing jobs is quite strong. The fashion designers that are novice should not assume that they will become successful in fashion industry in a short time, even the job seekers who have few years of college education can expect to start as entry level.

  1. Knowledge What the Employers Want:

Day-by-day, the demand of beautiful and stylish clothes at affordable prices is increasing, especially among the middle-income and low-income consumers. Due to the increase in demand, the need of fashion designers is also increasing among apparel wholesalers. So you should have appropriate knowledge about fashion in order to survive.

  1. Will You Work as a Team or Solo?

It is very important for you to decide that will you work with an established company or brand or you want to become popular as a self-employed fashion designer. This should be decided by keeping all benefits and challenges in the mind.

  1. Make it Work:

Whatever is the situation you should try to face it. You should try every possible way to make it work. No matter how many times you fail, you should never give up and you should try again and again until you become a big name in fashion industry.

If you are trying to get more information about fashion industry then you should visit the website justfab.com jobs to get more knowledge in this regard.

A Brief Note on Dream Merchant Jacob Arabo

You don’t need to be a fashionista to know about Jacob Arabo. Anyone with a little general knowledge and awareness would know who this self-made man is. He is a jeweler, as he fondly calls himself. But his story is really a fascinating one. He is an inspiration to all ambitious entrepreneurs who regard their humble background to be hindrances on their way to success. Jacob Arabo is a first generation billionaire who achieved success in his life with splendid business acumen and ambition to be a successful. Read on for some fascinating stories of this jeweler’s life which can be a motivation for many.

Jacob Arabo was born Yakov Arabov in Uzbekistan in 1965. Fate played it’s first card when in 1979, is family migrated to USA. A 14 years old Yakob was enrolled in a formal school and became Jacob Arabo. But very soon he realized that traditional mode of education is not meant for him. He discontinued his studies at this point of his life and joined a jewelry making program of six months. It was now that he came to know his forte and in no time he outshone other pupils of the class. He performed so well that he was certified in four months only and could open a small booth in the dazzling Diamond District of Manhattan. This happened in 1981 and for the next five years, he prepared himself for bigger ventures while designing and making jewelries under different labels.

In 1986, Jacob Arabo opened his own company named Jacob & Co with his jewelry brand Diamond Quasar. His first celebrity client was Faith Evans of R&B who along with her rapper husband Notorious BIG, took a fancy on his designs and introduced the brand to many of their friends. This helped Jacob rising to fame quite soon. But his excellence was in maintaining, rather raising his standards by offering exclusive and variant designs. By 2002, he expanded his business by manufacturing designers watches. It is said that if anything can set with diamonds, Arabo will design it.

Today, he has taken his company and brand to a position where his clients proudly flaunt his designs in camera glare to show off their class. Yes, a Jacob & Co design in ears, wrist or finger not only boasts of your opulence but also of the class that you belong to.  He uses the rare gems gathered from the whole world be it different colored gemstones from Africa, or large clear colorless Golconda diamonds from India. These rare and the best quality stones make his designs all the more exquisite. When Jacob Arabo, started his business venture, his designs were moderately priced, now he surely targets a particular strata of the society.

His Flagship Boutique at East 57th Street in New York City, more stores all over Europe and North America, the latest $18 million watch Billionaire in 18 carat white gold which holds about 260 carats diamonds of emerald cut with a sapphire crystal, $2.4 million Caviar emerald tourbillon watch, the $20 million rings with fancy colored diamonds and stones speak volumes of the journey that Jacob Arabo undertook. His story is the perfect example of the popular adage “from rags to riches”.

 The Useful Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron For Women

Every young girl loves to experience different hairstyles, and look different and beautiful. The Miraqueen certified curling iron is an exclusive product that can be heated to a temperature of 450 F to bestow long lasting curls as well as waves. The product is designed using ceramic technology, which is purposeful in shielding the hair from any damage. The important features of this product are the 4 timer settings, 3 heat levels and auto power off feature. The product is trouble-free to acquire in the marketplace with a service contract time of one year.  The primary advantage of using this curling iron is that it does not wrench or pull the hair when used. However, it is important that Miraqueen professional curling iron review (hair curler) be read to get a better understanding of the use of this fabulous product.

Style Your Hair

According to the Miraqueen professional curling iron review (hair curler), using this product is very easy, and styling of the hair can be done with ease. High quality tresses can be attained with the use of this hair curler, and it endows with a better look to the exquisiteness of a woman. The machine can make long curls without difficulty, that too perfectly well. The Miraqueen hair curler gets heated consistently, and it can easily glide over the strands of hair without causing any breakage or damage to the hair. The product is not very costly and can be attained at a cost of $70.

Impressive Features

  •  The hair curler is protected by a foam shield on the instant heater that is favorable in ensuring safety whilst styling the hair.
  • The Miraqueen professional hair curler can be purchased online, and in case the product obtained is defective, it can be returned back for exchange.
  • The control panel of this hair curler is also placed conveniently with buttons that are of great use in varying the temperature and motor direction while styling the hair.
  • You can check the status of motor direction as well as the temperature through the integrated LCD display on the curler.
  • The styling surface of the hair curler is kept cool through a plastic hybrid support when the electric device is in use.
  • The trigger button can be operated using the thumb, and finger in the front and back, while styling the hair.
  • The device is also equipped with an elevated rubber protector, which ensures safety of the skin.
  • The orientation of the hair curler can be altered effortlessly with the rotating base socket, and even as you rotate your body.

After reading all these impressive features of Miraqueen professional curling iron review (hair curler), it is definite that every girl would wish to use this product to style their hair. The hair curler has a ceramic designed chamber fitted, which is beneficial in allowing the curls to heat up properly, and accomplish extended permanent curls. It is a first-rate product, in particular, for women who do not have enoughmoney to give to the hair experts for styling their hair in addition to working women who do not have time and desire to style their hair during their weekends.