What are the Different Categories in Men’s Fashion?

Fashion is a very influential thing – it can break or make a career. It can be used to express emotions or deliver a message. It generally gives people a sense of individuality and distinctiveness that forms their character. Fashion could be just about everything for men that reflects their passion, defines their identity and justifies their behaviors. With this idea, you can essentially judge a book by its cover. And getting to identify a man could be as simple as looking at the color or length of his necktie.

So to define a man’s personality, how do you interpret accessories and outfits? Start observing different fashion styles of men you know and perceive if you can find a common connection between their fashion styles and their personalities. According to Robert F. Burke, who is a men’s dressing enthusiast, fundamentally, men’s fashion can be categorized into three: edgy, conservative and commercial.

Men with the edgy chic in fashion just have that intelligence to know what would look best on them. Their readiness to take risks in dressing up is supported by their sense of high fashion. Be it rugged, casual or formal, this style carries with it confidence and character. Specialists say that it is not completely from the grandness of a man’s accessories or material of his suit starting from men’s watch to cufflinks, that edginess is achieved. Most of the time, because of the way they carry themselves, men’s get up appear to be edgy. Conservative fashion style generally goes for the traditional to typical choice in outfits and very nominal accessories – just sticking to what are essential.

This style charts directions in the book. Jeans for country driving, suit in the office, shorts for walking, and all the rest that are more or less anticipated. Men who have this fashion style usually want to play things safe. More than style, functionality is their priority. To try out anything beyond their comfort level, they may have less confidence. Or they may also be just plain satisfied with their everyday pants that they would rather look repetitive than trying out something different and risk being a fashion cataclysm.

The last cataloguing would be the “commercial”. When you see a man of this style of fashion, it would be as if the fashion magazine of a man has come to life – all in one wrapper. Most of the time, this goes for damp and tidy-never-untidy haircut, stiff collars, crumpled-free shirts, overly pointed glossy shoes, and all the attention-grabbing fashion components one can think of. These men are mostly brand conscious, vain, self-conscious and love to be the center of attraction. They just have a diverse way of representing themselves which most of the time could be taken as flamboyant.

Though fashion styles could lead to quite a number of impressions, yet, no one can say that these are 100% correct. However, in 99% of the time, it is given that physical appearance, actually affects the way other people view you. Hence, as Robert F. Burke says, one should it a point that more or less what you get to project outside is something that is actually coming from inside.