Innovative Fabric-Wrapped Steel Frame Design in Florim Flagship Store

A Rome-based company, SET Architects, has created a unique and innovative installation and gallery space for Florim, an Italian ceramic tile manufacturer. The structure, placed in Florim’s flagship store in central Milan, is named ‘Album BFF016’.


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SET Architects won an international competition to design a sustainable installation as part of Milan Design Week. The competition was organised by Florim and judged by a panel of prominent architects and designers. This is not the first award for SET Architects. The firm previously won the inaugural Bologna Shoah Memorial competition in 2015 for the design of a steel Holocaust Memorial in Bologna.

The people behind SET Architects are Lorenzo Catena, Onorato di Manno and Andrea Tanci.

Album BFF016

Erected and on show for the duration of Milan Design Week, the structure features a free-standing steel framework covered with panels of biodegradable black jute fabric. The choice of materials means the structure is easily assembled and robust. According to SET Architects, it can be ‘infinitely reproduced’.

The framework itself is made using an inspired bolt-less system of rods which is designed to be easily transported and reassembled.

The structure forms five distinct spaces, the walls of which carry photos from the Azerbaijan Pavilion of Expo 2015. Just ten photographs were chosen to be displayed within the installation space. Florim’s own black ceramic tiles form a grid on the floor, and the upper half of the installation forms a roof shape, with zigzag fabric panels wrapped around horizontal bars. The combination of jute fabric and steel rods creates ‘wings’. There are various pathways through the structure and visual channels within it, allowing a multitude of interactions with the installation.

SET Architects feel that the black jute covering creates a ‘chequered pattern’ to form a grid of spaces, each one square metre in size. The fabric serves as a subtle backdrop for the photographs whilst also emphasising each image in its own right.

Tensile Fabric Solutions

Tensile Canopy structures such as Album BFF016 are increasingly popular as art installations, pop-up event spaces and galleries. Specialist companies, such as Fabric Architecture (, work in partnership with organisations to create unique, design-led tensile fabric structures.

The Album BFF016 installation was on show in Florim’s Milan store for the duration of this year’s Milan Design Week – from April 12 to 17, 2016.

Transitioning From the Corporate World to Work From Home

Looking to make some cash after downsizing from your corporate job, one that you love doing so it doesn’t quite seem like work? First thing to do? Stop watching the Kardashians or the latest news on TV. Those things can be addicting, and they’re not going to make you any money. Instead, focus on your own self and avoid distractions. It will take some hard work and dedication to get your business off the ground, especially working from home, so treat your transition like a college student preparing for a final exam and ace it.

Here are five tips on what you can do to start up a side business at home.

1. Join Upwork. As a freelance programmer, designer, developer, writer, or editor, take your talent to the next level by joining Upwork, an online network of professionals just like you trying to sell their services. In turn, your clients get peace of mind knowing they’re hiring freelancers with confidence because your work experience and feedback from other clients is available to peruse. Whether you’re a witty writer who wants to blog about anything and everything, or a web designer who wants to create a killer website, you can use your skills to make money on Upwork.

  1. Sell online. Got a great idea for a product or service? Perhaps you do homemade crafts like nobody’s business, or maybe you have clothing, toys and books you’ve been meaning to get rid off. Selling your stuff online is the way to go these days, thanks to low overhead and start-up costs. Go beyond Craigslist and eBay, and branch out to sites like Etsy for handmade products or Threadflip for gently used clothing and accessories.
  2. Become an UBER driver. This is the next big thing in personal transport, and it’s taking over your town whether you realize it or not. All you need is a reliable vehicle and a smart phone and you can provide rides for people in and around your community all while being paid quickly and efficiently.
  3. Start a YouTube Channel and monetize your ads. Having ads that run alongside your video is a popular revenue opportunity for many these days. However, running the right types of ads for each video is key. Learn how your videos can make money here.
  4. Start a blog and join an affiliate program to get a monthly residual income. Blog about it. Check out these two big companies: & They each have 10,000+ programs you can resell for. Use websites like these to drive more sales to your website and establish your brand with powerful tools and support.

    Once you start making good money, start investing in the stock market. A good financial planner or stock broker can help you navigate the world of investments. The key here is “good.” Do your research and make sure you settle on a reputable broker who has your best interests at heart. It’s always a good idea to keep a securities fraud investigator’s info handy, like at the Thomas Law Group, just in case things go south. They specialize in recovering losses for investors.

Buy Best Teeth Whitening Strips for Gleaming Smile

11-ways-to-whiten-your-teeth-that-actually-workWho does not like to have a shiny white pearly set of teeth? The beauty of a person enhances when his smile is appealing. To have interesting set of white and healthy teeth, best teeth whitening strips plays a major role in achieving desirable pearly teeth. An envious smile is always admired because the beauty around them influences people. Most celebrities who are social status symbol creators are people responsible to bring about an impact on the lives of ordinary people. To those who are regular with the dental practitioners can now have a friend in the form of whitening kit? This kit allows the user to obtain bright white teeth naturally without damaging the veneer or tampering the enamel.

The content in the whitening kit contains calcium, fluoride and Aloe Vera, all of the natural elements helpful to enrich the health of teeth. The health and well-being of our oral care depends on how you maintain it. Most people opt to go for expensive cosmetic surgeries or implants as a means of gaining gleaming bright smile. Such instances are common among high profile elites and celebrities. There are no accepting pale yellow teeth by your peer groups. The more a person tries to involve in expensive treatments, the more he is bound to lose the quality of oral health.

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Dentists too have approved this kit, which is why it makes a perfect product for whiter tooth. The calcium, fluoride and Aloe Vera contents in the kit help to enrich the weak and brittle part deriving the user not only prettier but healthier set of teeth. Ever wondered how you are going to obtain naturally beautiful smile at home? This kit is the apt product. Order for it from one of the leading shopping destination in the internet world and achieve the best results. Let everyone admire your smile, tell them the secret you have purchased online.

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Natural Diet Food and its Benefits

The world today is replete with cuisine of various sorts, and though a large majority of the population prefer having a perfect body shape, yet are unable to do so because of their inclination towards the lip smacking ‘junk food’. But if you really crave for a beautiful and healthy body, your lifestyle and particularly your eating habits have to be kept under scrutiny all the time and disciplined accordingly.

The whole or natural diet food is the best way to either get your body back into shape or even to remain in shape. Mr. Geoffrey Morell, the co-owner of Weston A. Price Foundation, is conducting workshops presently on the multiple benefits of this type of diet.

The many amazing benefits that you will gain from the consumption of natural or raw diet food will be sumptuous and a life changing experience. The changes, of course that will happen will have tremendous positive impact, not only on your figure but also your entire lifestyle and your outlook towards life.

Taking raw diet food considerably reduces the intake of fat in your body. The components of a whole diet meal include fruits, vegetables, and grains and seeds; which contain much less fat as compared to the diet that includes animal fat. It is surprising to note that even the so called ‘low fat’ diet can contain as much as more than twice the normal amount of fat.

The low fat of these diets in turn helps to keep the levels of cholesterol down too in addition to the decreased calorie count, thereby maintaining a healthy body. The sugar consumption is greatly reduced by making the raw diet food a part of your life. The magic element in this kind of eating habit is the natural sugars present in these meals is so filling that the craving to eat processed sugar products is removed totally, and the overall consumption of food by you is reduced to a considerable degree.

Weston A. Price Foundation whose co-owner is Geoffrey Morell,(who began his career in energy medicine) is based on the researches of Mr. Price who was actually a dentist. While researching on his dentistry, he came across the fact that the people who consumed traditional foods had much healthier teeth and physical condition. Thus, this foundation named after him, promotes animal fats from raw milk and grassfed meat.

The natural food diet is the warehouse of fibers, which is very important and largely instrumental in owning a healthy body. The fibers help in the proper digestion of food and clearing of the bowel. It is also found that the content of nutrients is much higher in this natural food diet than in any other.

Among the other benefits you could also count the variety of food that can be included in this form of eating. The quantity of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients that this diet provides to the body is also tremendous and extremely healthy.

The need to chew this kind of food over a longer duration of time reduces the calorie consumption and you could say that this is a means to achieving the optimal health condition.

Medical Care from Expert Doctors like Christen W Altermatt

While there are various health conditions, the symptoms for which might be visible superficially itself, there are various other conditions that might not be visible and hence, remain undetected or even treated. But in many cases, while many symptoms might cause discomfort to the person, he or she might not even reveal it fearing ridicule or perhaps just out of sheer carelessness. This is one of the reasons for the people to seek medical help very late when they can no longer bear with the discomfort or perhaps they have been forced to get medical help by family or friends. Consulting a doctor like Christen W Altermatt would have helped in curing many problems from the root at the earliest stage itself.

Early detection is lesser pain too:

Many people do not realize this but any ailment if detected early, then it would cause less of expense, and it would also be cured just with medicines. However, many people assume that it is negligible, and it would get cured by itself; or possibly just leave one fine day. This is an assumption that may sound silly at the onset and yes, though one need not press the Panic button for every little trouble the health gets, it is just a matter of great smartness, if you understand the symptoms. Do take yourself to the doctors like Christen W Altermatt who might help in detecting and even helping you to get better fast.

The present day medical science has developed by leaps and bounds and this is great news for the world and this means that where in the past, few diseases like tuberculosis were considered incurable, today, they can be cured. Even various types of tumors, cancers, and even other mental or chronic ailments are getting treated well these days.

Smooth and careful medication:

Doctors like Christen W Altermatt have been working incessantly towards the development of the medical science and even in curing people effectively. Right from the time, a patient walks in to the clinic the doctors would have a set of responsibilities laid out. This would start with detecting and ordering diagnosis of the ailments, and only on finding out the root of the problem, they get the right medication or begin the process of treatment. While doing all these tests and waiting for this treatment, patients might feel depressed or start worrying what is wrong with their health. The doctor would in the meanwhile give the right kind of counseling and urge the patient to stay positive.

The care for post-operative patients is also very holistic and every doctor has to see to it that all the steps are taken for the patient to get cured not just from the surgery but also bounce back to life with confidence.

With positive frame of mind, many patients have come out of various life-threatening diseases too and so, it is up to the doctor to make sure that the medication and the treatment process very holistic.

The Development of the Aviation Industry

As the need for traveling, long distances by air have started increasing, the aviation industry have developed a remarkable growth. The increasing activities of urbanization and globalization have kept this industry flourishing with the need and demand for more and more professional workers. One of the factors that contribute towards the growing success of an airline industry is a sound staff. Besides good and qualified professionals, excellent machinery are equally essential to ensure smooth running of airlines, whether they are military or commercial. This is the main reason behind the huge demand of aviation courses.

Most people use to spend their childhood dreaming about becoming a pilot or an air hostess. There are millions of kids and young adults who still have the very same dream. But due to the lack of information and knowledge majority of young people do not actually live to see this dream come true.

In most of the countries especially in the developing nations, piloting is a secretive and closed circle affair where people who have the idea and knowledge, has the chance of building their career and those who do not understand are completely clueless. This has led to a tough situation where very few guardians, teachers and even parents can guide their children on how to get access into the aviation industry.

There are several courses in the aviation sector. Courses on mechanics and management of airlines, air safety and airspace policy are just some of the courses that one can easily take up. There are umpteen choices available for people trying to make a career in this industry right from corporate courses to learning the basics of the functioning of an aircraft. For people who wish to work as flight attendant, the courses range from pilot licensing and training to cabin crew training. There are various well known and dedicated institutes that offer these various courses and North Star Aviation Mankato MN is one of them. It provides individual attention to each of its students both young and old and to ensure that they learn their lessons properly, the school strives to keep a track of the progress that the student is making. This is a full time service fixed base operator (FBO) where only professional and well qualified people are finally selected in the aviation sector.

North Star Aviation Mankato MN also offers various courses for people who wish to work on ground. There are management courses, engineering courses and basic courses on the maintenance of aircraft. The engineering courses are broad and detailed and it requires a lot of skill and expertise to enroll and clear them. A lot of young people tend to take up these types of ground jobs who do not wish to work on flights as there are many options available in this aviation course. Depending on the grades and institute where one passes his/her examination, airline agencies recruit skilled and talented professionals who they feel may have a bright future in the aviation industry. Talented and qualified professionals are the need of the hour and there is always a huge demand for them in this booming sector.

4 Things You Need To Know Before Shopping for Rain Boots for Women

If are ever going to find the right rain boot for women, in particular on the internet, then there are four things you should know. For instance, you should ask yourself if the lovely knee-high boots will fit your calves. If you above average height-wise you should be the boots will be knee-highs or calf-highs. You should also know what retailers mean by the shaft of a boot. Without knowing most of this, buying a women’s rain boot online quickly becomes a daunting task. In fact, most women are suckered into buying cute womens rain boots with gorgeous pictures online, only to find they can’t wear the boot.

Here’s some of the most common rain boots for women jargon that you need to navigate the murky waters. Also, a few measuring tips to assist you to find the right size of rain boot for women are listed for good measure. After reading the information here, you can get all manner of women’s rain boots that will not only fit you but leave you looking gorgeous even when it’s raining.

Term One: Boot Shaft

Retailers and manufacturers use the term boot shaft to indicate the part of the boot that starts from the ankle and covers the rest of the leg.

Term Two: Circumference

Circumference is the measurement of the widest part of the shaft of a rian boot for women. To tell if a particular rain boot will fit you, measure the biggest part of your biggest calf. If it’s slightly smaller than the listed shaft circumference, then that particular rain boots for women is a perfect fit.

Term Three: Shaft Height

The height of the shaft is determined by measuring from the point where the shaft meets sole to the top of the shaft, along the inside seam of women rubber rain boots in question. To get a feel of where the top of the shaft hits on your leg, compare the shaft height to your the inside of your leg, starting at your instep.

Here are common women rubber rain boots shaft heights:

  • Thigh high: The shaft on this kind of rian boot for women is well over twenty-two inches.
  • Over the Knee: The shaft height on women’s rain boots rated over-the-knee ranges between eighteen inches and twenty-two inches.
  • Knee-high rain boot for women: The shaft height on this rain boot ranges between fourteen and eighteen inches.
  • Mid-Calf: Shaft height starts at eight inches and maxes out at fourteen inches.
  • Ankle-high women’s rain boots: The shaft on this boot can be as small as three inches or as tall as eight inches.

Term Four: Goring

A cute womens rain boots with a built-in elastic panel often referred as a goring is easier to put on. The goring can be on both sides of the boot, or at the back of the boots. Also, boots with goring are not as hard on your calf as women rubber rain boots that have no gorging.

There you have it, all the information you need to shopping for the right rain boot.

Some of Mexico’s Must-buy Souvenirs

Okay, so you had a successful trip to Mexico and your stay was pleasurable. Your vacation was packed with fun activities and unforgettable moments which you will treasure forever. It is time travel back home. The country has no doubt captivated you and you sure would love to share its thrill with your family and friends who remained home. But you might be wondering which particular gifts you can buy that best represent Mexico.

The following are the top mementos you can find in this breathtaking country:

  1. Bead crafts – These characteristically originate from the Huichol Indians. The soul of these tribes is expressed in a beautiful form of art, with their craftsmanship backing the colorful sculptures and jewellery.
  2. Clay handicrafts – These portray Mexico in a dedicated and amazing way and they are imprinted in apparently simple clay figurines, replicas of Aztec and Mayan artifacts, vivid skulls and religious decorations and pottery that is as stunning as the fine works of Oaxaca’s black clay.
  3. Coffee – Mexico boasts of some of the best quality coffee beans. Those who enjoy a freshly-brewed cup of joe should be aware of this.
  4. Hot Sauce (Salsa) – Mexican gastronomy is typified by its rich flavors and spicy complements. So don’t hesitate to take home with you at least one bottle, if you or a loved one is a spicy-food-aficionado.
  5. Talavera Pottery – This clay pottery is distinguished not just by its colors alone, but also its milky-white glaze. They are crafted in the city of Puebla and the neighboring communities in the state of Puebla. However, Talavera pottery is available for sale in nearly every main destination in Mexico.
  6. Silver – This is not just ordinary silver but Taxco Silver, and it comes from Taxco, an attractive town in Mexico. This is where one of the oldest and most prolific mining sites in the country is situated.
  7. Tequila and Mezcal – These are Mexico’s most famous spirits and are the key element of numerous stories and unforgettable party-nights. The two liquors which are created from agave, count with label of origin from the country they were made in.
  8. Traditional Candy – The majority of the recipes behind this tasty treats are said to date way back to the Colony. They consist of natural ingredients such as sugar, coconut, milk, and nuts.
  9. Traditional Attire – These are comfortable pieces of outfits. Most of them are made from natural fibers and have remarkable embroidery design. You may consider including a Guayabera in your wardrobe since it a piece that you would perhaps include in your every day wear. For the weekend, a Huipil with flower-motif embroidery would be great.
  10. Vanilla Pods – You shouldn’t despise this spice in case you get an opportunity to buy some. It will certainly mesmerize all your senses. It is not as common as you might imagine because pure Mexican vanilla is far tastier than any other you can find in the supermarket.

To avoid a bad experience with your souvenirs on your way back home, ensure that you check the relevant customs’ regulations.

Mexican Auto Insurance for U.S and Canadian Travelers

Mexico’s temperate climate, friendly people, incredible food and stunning landscape are just some of the few reasons why it pulls northerners in large numbers. If you are planning to cross the U.S or Canadian border driving your vehicle into Mexico on vacation, then it is imperative that you obtain a Mexican car insurance that is domiciled in Mexico. This is because United States and Canadian insurance policies are not recognized in Mexico. You could even have a comprehensive cover but it cannot be helpful to you once you hit Mexican roads. The only secure way to protect yourself against collision theft and liability, and avoid your vehicle being impounded by the Mexican authorities in the event of an accident or any other potential complications due to lack of Mexican auto insurance, is having Mexican auto insurance policy.

With this, you can be sure that in case of an accident, you will not be held in a Mexican prison as the Mexican authorities seek to determine who was at fault.

Ethnic shopping goes online

Even in this rapidly progressing era, ethnic wears have retained their own trend. Though western clothes have occupied the throne, yet the ethnics have not made their exit from the court. People still continue to opt for conventional outfits which have undergone several stages of evolution and have emerged as the hybrid of modernity and ethnicity. Several varieties for various parts of India come at your doorsteps through the availability of salwar suits online.

In this intensely eventful world, no one wishes to mingle with the hassles of a shopping mall or some confined store. With the online availability of several things, one can do a big bomb of shopping within the convenience of their homes. So before you opt for shopping wonderful ethnic outfits like salwar kameez, you must look into the following aspects:

  • Look into the ongoing fashion trends. The salwar kameez must be purchased in accordance to the latest fashion vogue. This will be magnetic enough to charm the attention of the onlookers.
  • The body type must be enclosed in the inner eye. The salwar kameez looks best if it gels well with the physical stats of the wearer.
  • Don’t overrun the occasion for which the purchase is being made. There is a wide difference in the salwar kameez that is meant for formal and informal occasions.
  • Keep the fabric in the foundations of your attention. It is a key thing to do because a cloth that makes you feel uncomfortable during the season is not worth wearing and is a sheer wastage of your animus.
  • A shopping done with the budget kept in the conscience is the finest shopping for you will get hold of your favorite ethnic outfit but not at the intense leashing of your hard-earned money.

 Things to consider before you opt for shopping online

Online shopping is the most convenient option for anyone but you must look out for certain things before you decide to shop online for such expensive things as salwar suits. Have a read of the mentioned guidelines:

Every online company encompasses the Return policy, privacy policy and the shipping policy. So before you make a selection of the online store, you must look into the niceties of these three things. Do not overlook the rules and regulations of the company, lest you will be stuck later on.

The design in the display must be checked thoroughly. Sometimes it so happens that the cloth may appear to be quite good on the screen but may turn out to be contradictory. You must never compromise on the quality so that you get the best out of your money.

As far as prices are concerned, try to compare it on the other online websites as well.  Look through all the discounting deals which are been offered. Since the ethnic wear imprisons a huge market, the dealers might suck out huge prices from you. The dealers might give you the greed of small discounts in order to establish a permanent connection with you.


Hot Shot Loads Are on the Rise

There’s no doubt about it: truck drivers are a hot commodity these days, and their demand continues to be on the up and up. With such a service constantly in need by all sorts of industries across the country, this career path is definitely a secure one with no sign of becoming obsolete any time in the near future.

With so much freight out there to haul these days, shippers have become increasingly dependent on hot shot loads to get products to market in a quick and efficient time frame. Many times the products that are typically shipped are done so only on full truck loads. But with the need as pressing as it is today, many of these loads are being shipped without a full load.

The number of smaller-scale truck loads has been steadily increasing over the recent past, with fracking operations opening up opportunities for more and more hot shot loads — also referred to as expedited freight.

In order to avoid a shutdown, an increasing number of businesses are relying on urgent shipments to get their goods to their appropriate destinations in extremely fast lead times. And such loads aren’t restricted just to a handful of industries; they’re needed in just about every industry imaginable.

In fact, running hot shot loads is often a simpler way for truckers to get into the business because of their lower start-up costs. When dealing with hot shot carriers, not as much capital is needed because of the cheaper cost for equipment, whether it’s a straight truck, a sprinter van, or even a pick-up truck.

If you are considering getting into the hot shot trucking industry, Landstar can help put you in contact with the expedited truck loads fast so you can your business off the ground in no time, and start building the business you’ve always dreamed of.