Three New Features of Groupon

For the past two years, the deals giant Groupon has made a lot of subtle changes to its brand. It is expanding its business to become more of a one-stop shop for your most pressing business and retail needs.

In 2013, it added a page completely devoted to coupons. You can find coupons from many major retail stores, like Old Navy and Macy’s. Just enter the coupon page and use these free coupons to save at all of your favorite stores. This feature makes Groupon an even more convenient website. You find all sorts of savings and deals on it.

In 2015, Groupon partnered with many local businesses to take on the delivery service. You load Groupon’s To Go page, enter your area code, and find out which restaurants in Groupon’s system delivers to your area. This puts the site in direct competition with websites like Grubhub and To combat these delivery sites, Groupon To Go emphasizes the saving aspect of using their site for deliveries.

Groupon is also taking on a new endeavor: Pages. Pages allows you to research local businesses. You can view everything from consumer reviews to customers’ meal pictures. For years, Groupon allowed customers to write reviews, which they call tips, for various businesses. After purchasing and using daily deals, Groupon’s users added tips for the website to share with its partnering businesses. It used to keep these reviews private. They were only shown to businesses to help them make improvements. Now Groupon plans to incorporate some of these reviews on their Pages’ directory. Groupon also stated that these business pages should help business owners because they can build on to their page. They can add whatever they want to make it more interactive for their fans. This new feature helps users find their next favorite hamburger restaurant (Burger Burger is a must), or pizza place, or even cupcakes. Groupon’s new business directory is your all access guide to your local favorites.

Benefits the insurer and their family gains when investing in life insurance

Most people would ignore investing in any kind of insurance thinking that they would never require it. However, with a sudden mishap, a realization suddenly dawns that life is unpredictable and can lead to anything at any point. What happens to our dependents then?  The liabilities faced by our dependents, like rent, loans, EMIs, child expenses, and others can strike them hard. This is also because the steady income has discontinued and there is maybe no alternate source. We are even skeptical to think of such situation. The approach towards insurance changes immediately as the fact dawns upon us that adversity can strike us anytime.

The following are the reasons that Sabal Insurance thinks that life insurance is an indispensable part of anybody’s life:

Ian Morris thinks that only with life insurance, you can have a high-risk life cover, which would keep you, and your loved ones protected whatever be the kind of unfortunate incident.

Besides this, investing in life insurance would give you and your family a much more financially secured future. In case of any kind of mishap, the insurer would pay the entire saved amount, that is the amount collected from the premiums paid, and the bonus to the beneficiaries mentioned in the policy. Besides this death benefit, the policy would also help to save the interest of people who have diminishing income with advancing age, people who meet with accidents or retired people. Sabal Insurance provides numerous policies, which can be chosen from and compared with others. The best one can be chosen according to the requirement.

Besides this Ian Morris of Sabal Insurance thinks that life insurance schemes have the best yields when compared to other available alternatives in the market. Most of the life insurance would offer bonus that no other investment schemes offer. More than that, the money invested in the life insurance is safe and also covers risks. The money collected fetches good returns once the term for the premium ends or even after the demise of the insured. In both ways, the money invested and returns are safely paid back.

A salaried person needs to comply with the tax regulations of the country. There are rebates that are mentioned under the tax reform forms and one of them is the life insurance. The amount invested in the life insurance is eligible rebate through deduction of the amount from gross taxable income.

Another benefit that the life insurance would provide is the advantage of taking policy loans against the premium amount that has been insured. The loan amount can be taken when in need of money and is a percentage of the cash value or sum assured under the policy depending on the provisions.

The insurance also helps in aiding the life stage planning, where one’s life financial plans or goals can be planned as per convenience. Including a life insurance helps the investor plan for the life stage needs for the insurance not only provides for financial support in the event of premature death, but also acts as a long-term investment. The objectives can be met, like children’s education and even retirement plans, building a home etc. according to the life stage and risk appetite.


Get Introduced to A ‘Beyond Compare’ Massage Destination

Who deserves something ‘special’ or rather innovative gift from you? It should obviously be someone who is special to you. Well, this ‘someone’ might be your loving Mom, Dad, beloved fiance, an intimate friend or even a business client. It’s on the other hand; the occasion might be Birthday, Marriage Anniversary, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any Occasion. Are you equipped with that ‘special’ gift?

If not, then just drop at your nearby Massage Envy Spa point, or have a look to its corporate webpage to find its across-the-board Message Envy Spa Gift Cards which are designed and ready for all such occasions uniquely. You will be more impressed to know this American leading Spa company also like to help you by personalizing your gift card by imprinting the name of your ‘special-one’ on the card. Yes, all you have to do it to fill up the Recipient’s place in the order form and complete the formalities for payment. These Gift Cards are available at different price range. With any of these Gift Cards your ‘someone-special’ can undergo a comprehensive 1 hr, 1½ or 2 hours introductory massage plus Facial Session in any spa point of Massage Envy.

The American Massage Experts

Incepted in 2002, Massage Envy Spa is a Scottsdale based pioneering company specializing in human wellness industry. With its cutting edge procedures of superior quality affordable Massage, Facials and comprehensive Spa services the company is today’s NO. 1 most accomplished American Franchised Spa Establishments according to a survey report conducted by an established magazine group.

The community aims to promote its healthy lifestyle concepts with a holistic approach by means of superlative class massage sessions. Beginning exclusively as a massage providing company, the group introduced its first skincare facial service in 2009 featured with its Murad Healthy Skin (a researched, designed and patented complete range of skin care products of Massage Envy) as on today the company has crossed 4.5 million Facial sessions offered through its more than 1200 points across 49 states of US.

Envy’s Masterpiece Facial Courses

Murad’s Healthy skin care facials are designed and especially focused on all kinds of skin concerns that help make your skin look youthful, shinny and lively despite of all overpowering environmental factors

Vitamin C Facial

The expert estheticians of Massage Envy make use of Murad’s brilliant Environment Shield Vitamin C Facial that deliver the most essential Vitamin C ingredients directly to your skin enhancing skin health, your liveliness and defuse skin-aging.

Enzyme Acne Facial

The superpower infusion of natural fruit enzymes, hydrating elements and antioxidants get activated and open all clogged pores and provide penetrated cleansing. The blend has been established as an extraordinary reliever of all kinds of breakouts that occurs due hormonal effects and helps you stay away from acne.

Anti-Aging Facial

A unique combination of antioxidants, hydrators as well as anti-inflammatory agents that revitalizes your skin texture, tone as well, its appearance. Since Massage Envy Estheticians go through complete skin treatment by eliminating all aging layers, dead cells as well as debris, you look dramatically juvenile and youthful once again

Sensitive Skin Facial

At all times your sensitive skin demands a very special care that the professional estheticians of Envy understand well. By employing Murad’s Sensitive Skin care blends they help restore your skin’s suppleness and smoothness and reinforce skin texture to counter all odds.


Advantages of building mobile applications for start ups

There is an application that can be developed for all kinds of businesses. However, unfortunately for the business and its audience, most of the small businesses don’t realize its important especially in the marketing medium. Yes, it holds true even for small businesses and especially for local businesses. If you are still wondering whether the application makes sense or not, then you should read the Photon Infotech reviews.

The truth is that applications works well for most of small businesses, however they aren’t right for everyone. If the small business gains to benefit from reaching out to their customer round the clock, and is able to provide a fun and productive mobile experience, then mobile application is something that should be done.

Photon Infotech thinks that being fun and tricky is difficult usually for small businesses. However, don’t be hasty in answering it in negation. Even if its all about selling any product, a mobile application that has all the fun and social elements with rewards and discounts can actually help retain customers. Give this some thought before dismissing the idea of mobile app.

One of the biggest questions that people need to ask is whether the small business would need a mobile app at all. This is one of the difficult questions to answer for its often tempting to reach out to consumers at all times of the day, however, the business needs to benefit at the end of the day. The expectations should be realistic. When building an application with rewards and discounts, the business would be noticed immediately by consumers who would be coming to app repeatedly. The application can also be something as simple as to just support the business. Therefore, building an application needs careful planning and thought.

Research has found that on an average there are more than 26 applications that are installed in any smartphone. Therefore, what does that imply. As per Photon Infotech reviews, it just means that the brand would be competing with the other 26 existing applications. That may appear overwhelming, but the results earned are worth it.

Many small businesses are trying their hands in various social media platforms especially Facebook and Twitter. The competition is steep in those mediums. Furthermore, consumers looking for these ads are not usually interested to make a purchase, for the platform is all about connecting with friends, and checking on them. This means that the consumer’s own profile is in competition with numerous things that the audience may be more interested in. In this case, mobile application makes more sense.

One of the other older methods is email marketing which also works for many businesses. So why would a startup invest in developing a mobile application. However, what the email marketing doesn’t give is guarantee that the contact list updated would see the email. Moreover, even if they see the mail, there is no guarantee of the fact that the consumer would click on those links.

With mobile applications, there is something called the push notifications which are updates that the smartphones are designed to get when some new update is posted. For example, Facebook also sends push notifications when someone tags a user on an image. All these benefits makes developing a mobile application for startups complete sense.


Meet a Woman Donning Multiple Hats At The Same Time

Women are multitasking and there is no doubt in this fact. A woman can handle home and office brilliantly, balancing both the acts without any apprehensions or discomfort. Jessica Vigil is also one such woman who has donned many hats at the same time and that too successfully. A trained Physical Therapist for over 13 years, she focused her attention to run a full-fledged academy of Taekwondo which she co-founded with her husband Dan Vigil. The school is in a prominent location in Northville in the state of Michigan in the United States of America and has attracted many kids from the surrounding areas over the years.

Jessica Vigil physical therapy service focuses on empowering the body in a way to defend all issues. She firmly believes that apart from self defense, a martial training is a great way to improve the body strength and endurance level of a kid. It also instills a sense of discipline among kids that goes a long way in enriching their life in many ways.  Meanwhile, her duties does not stop here only as she also gives lectures at local community college on the subject of Medicare fraud to create awareness among medical practitioners so that no one has to bear the sufferings like her for getting entangled into a fraud that she never committed.

She also conducts yoga classes for beginners and stay fit herself as well as encouraged kids to stay fit. Yoga as we all know is a great way of developing body flexibility and getting inner strength. She has designed the classes carefully so that it can help to beat the everyday stress and help them to cope up with the challenges thrown at school or at home.

Other training classes conducted by Jessica Vigil

Some of the other training classes conducted by Mrs. Vigil for kids and adults while keeping primary focus on mainly kids as being  a specialized physiotherapist in pediatrics, she holds training classes for kids at a remarkable ease. The training classes are as follows:

  • Bootcamp
  • Spin Classes
  • Step Aerobics
  • Basic Weightlifting
  • Interval Training Course
  • TRX (Total Body Resistant Exercise)
  • Functional Training(for Combat Sports)

It is not that she is novice and has started various training classes without having proper skills or knowledge just for the sake of keeping herself busy. Her training certificates include Kinesio Taping Levels 1, 2 and 3, Manual Therapy Level 1, Gait Training for Cerebral Palsy Level 1, and Advocacy for Children with Special Needs.

Apart from offering Jessica Vigil physical therapy service, conducting martial art classes, yoga classes and a range of other kinds of training classes, she also volunteers for Special Olympics and also loves to work with PAWS. Jessica Vigil works at PAWS as she is a certified trainer via Lexington Humane Society. She also actively volunteers for Run for Life and advocate for steps needed to taken to curb sex trafficking in the United States of America. Thus, she has proved beyond any doubt that she is a hardworking woman who knows how to do multiple tasks at the same time effortlessly.

Allie Fremin and the Stardom of Silver Screen

Following the blockbuster success of the movie ‘The Bracelet of Bordeaux’, a splendid family entertaining film, its chief role player the teen bubbly actress Allie Fremin experienced for the first time in her early life as to how a ‘smash hit’ presentation can hoist an actor’s position in the industry. From major directors, ad film makers, directors of TV film and serial, everybody is approaching this budding actress?

Allie Picture1

The teenage girl has now become more youthful and dazzling with beauty whereas her ‘that-very’ modesty look makes her appearance cuter. Yes, the fact is that Allie’s dream was to find herself in the American movies but her coming into the industry was so incidental; and eventually victorious, that it makes her wonder about the reality of her being in the industry.

Nevertheless, Allie has a great belief to whatever her loving dad advices her. Subsequent to the success of ‘The Bracelet of Bordeaux’ as her parents congratulated her, even arranged an enormous ‘beach party’ at an amazing spot in San Diego. And at that night only, his father advised Allie that it would be better for her daughter to continue her studies and later join the industry. As he said that education and knowledge is a ‘must’ in every profession.

That insight and wisdom offers a distinct personality, an ‘unlikeness’ that helps throughout one’s lifetime and help boost one’s own stride. Allie Fremin didn’t make any mistake to keep her father’s advises while she was given consent to continue doing ad films. Therefore, as she is pursuing the under graduation degree, she is also actively engaged and likes to keep herself busy attending the gym and doing ad films. Whatever she is learning today is consolidating her technical knowledge in cinematic arena.

If the importance of peer networking is vital for someone who would like to reach the apex point of his/ her respective areas; following the footsteps of Allie Fremin can help them attain a good standing in the social circuit. Her social media page is rather a gallery where the numbers of peers are always adding. As a promising celebrity, Allie is invited in numerous social gatherings; going to these social events or gatherings and interacting with different kinds of people of the society helps in personality development.

To Allie Fremin , her best teachers are her parents and she always like to go with their advices. Allie’s father is quite optimistic about her daughter’s future days in American movies as well as theaters. So those, who are bit anxious and eagerly waiting to see Allie once again on the screen, should please wait. Allie Fremin will soon be seen conquering your minds and hearts.

Introducing Your Most Friendly Realtor in San Antonio

Those who’ve a plan to buy a mind blowing property in or around the neighboring areas of San Antonio; looking for a prospective buyer to sell your old-fashioned home or simply like to consult about the best home buying time or place; meanwhile, must’ve buzzed Pamela Rothe, a name that has become spontaneous in most real estate dealings occurring in the region. In the midst of the top listed and customers favored Real Estate Enterprises, the name of Keller Williams Realty located at San Antonio happens to be mostly spoken in Texas. Pamela Rothe the client loving realtor has been associated with the Keller Williams group for more than 5 years, keeping up her continual performance pace and goodwill.

Most importantly, she is not only best honored and appreciated realtor by Keller William’s management, but Pamela is highly regarded by her rival companies too. This is because, the way she has been dealing with numbers of buyers as well, sellers of properties in San Antonio is truly world-class. In essence, Pamela’s specialty is that her professional ethics stays beyond of common’s reach, and that is her success key. Pamela completed her degree course from the State University of Texas. Subsequently, Pamela Rothe joined Keller Williams and worked for the group as its registered agent during the period 2010. Her enthusiasm to know things in order to provide super class services to customers and community people in San Antonio, was well-noted by the professionally managed group.

On the other hand, with her passion of helping customers by offering their dream homes and also by helping them make worthwhile deals Pamela won the communities mind without much hassle and in minimum time. As a responsible realtor, she offers exclusive and specialized services for buying or selling homes and condos. Individuals who like to invest in major properties in San Antonio and its surrounding areas never forget Pamela for her exclusive services. Apart from being a professional real estate agent she understands the problem, the pain of many people who become bankrupt due to business shut-down or sudden family setback.  She always tries to help them by selling their old even broken down properties in reasonable rates and help them come out of  bank debt.

Therefore, if you are one who is searching for a good buyer for your old house or like to acquire a classy home in a prime locality with best possible amenities, just find out the website of Pamela Rothe Realtor and you would have all details in your hand. Well, you can also schedule an appointment with her and experience how welcoming Pamela’s customers are! She will invite you to visit her office where you can have a detailed discussion in regard to your purchase or sales. According to Pamela; to people, home is just not a shelter but more than that. It’s someone’s dream while somebody’s memory.

Pamela feels good that the majority, more than 60% of her dealings come from referrals and old customers. And that is the result of her best services, which she offers wholeheartedly. Pamela Rothe never considers her merely as a mediator but a friendly realtor who meets someone’s lifetime’s need.


Comprehensive Manpower Screening Is a Significant Need

Regardless of, whether you are a medium-size business entrepreneur, or a large scale software development company, initiating a new project or have been in operation for decades, when it comes to the selection issue of employees or stuffing, you can simply not deny the necessity of screening your prospective employees. As your friendly business associate BA Techno Links Corp understands as to how crucial is the essentiality of employee’s background-check, especially when they do it on your behalf and hire people for you! Being a highly seasoned management consultancy organization especially for the regime of IT related business people, BA Techno undergo a series to steps and measures to ensure authenticity of an employee.

At BA Technolinks, the community is outfitted with a special pool of highly experienced recruiters who are technically very sound and observant. Once you appeal them for absorbing people for your enterprise, to find the best possible talents or experts capable of fulfilling your necessity, the recruits here go through some processes as under

Screening process

  • Telephonic interview followed by Personal discussion
  • Thorough Technical Test Process
  • Assessment of Skills
  • Background Check Process
  • Reference Verification
  • Report from Previous Employers
  • Drug/ Criminal Check

This CA based nation’s leading Technology and IT consultancy corporate BA Techno Links Corp boasts that the procedures they follow during candidate screening is most comprehensive and based on up-to-date mechanisms which is flawless and just none can offer so packed procedure in California. The company’s long listed old clients keep on knocking them back only because of their most dependable and steady services that make them beneficial in all terms.

The Process Chain

  • Detailed discussion with you to understand your need base
  • Consultancy and Suggestion on ‘How you should be Equipped’
  • Once you approve, steps are taken towards interviewing process
  • Out of hundreds only dozens of candidates are interviewed
  • Screening is done by means of latest mechanisms and agencies
  • Final Round Check and Interview by Top Management
  • You are delivered with resumes and details report of 2-3 candidates

No wonder, its satisfied clientele and their turning-back explains as to why business people related to Technology segment and IT prefer BA Techno Links Corp when it comes to the question of consultancy, hiring or high level experts. Backed by long time experience, a super dynamic insightful group of consultants, managers and recruiters the community happens to be your ultimate choice.

Most importantly, once you keep faith on BA Techno Links and retain their services, to take care of the training matter, a special branch of the company undergoes a complete assessment of your project type and accordingly, a custom-made curriculum is generated. This section is equipped with top experienced industry experts and high officials as well as corporate training advisors. The section is developed with intense understanding that embraces most up-to-the-minute practical training facility; mechanisms based guidance and properly synchronized tips to ensure best outcomes from your existing or new workforce. The curriculum encompasses wide range of program development tools and programs including OS, RDBMS, Networking, Transactional process maintaining middleware and security.


Best Auto Repair Makeovers

Nothing can make having to get your car repaired a pleasant experience, but taking your car to the mechanic does give you the opportunity to make some cost-effective upgrades. If your car is more than a few years old, chances are technology has changed quite a bit since it rolled off the assembly line. Having your car repaired gives you a chance to upgrade that old technology – helping your car run better and allowing you to enjoy a more pleasant driving experience. Here are just a few auto repair makeovers to consider.

Heavy Duty Brake Lining

If the mechanic who does your annual inspection determines you need brake lining, consider upgrading to heavy duty lining. This type of brake lining is designed to help the car stop better, faster and more accurately. In addition to these benefits, heavy duty brake lining can last much longer, and that means less hassle for you. Body shops and collisions specialist that offer this worthy upgrade are near far and in between, from Old Bridge, NJ to San Diego, CA.

Heavy duty brake lining may cost a bit more up front, but the extra money will be well worth it in the long run. Longer lasting brake lining means fewer trips to the repair shop, and that means less money out of your pocket over the life of the car.

A Modern Stereo System

If your old stereo system no longer sounds like new, consider an upgrade to a modern sound system. You can choose a model that plugs directly into your phone and lets you stream live music, or one with USB inputs so you can switch playlists on the fly.

These upgraded stereo systems have become very affordable in recent years, so this is one upgrade that will not break the bank. You might even find that the new stereo is no more expensive than an older model.

Ding-Resistant Finish

Nothing is more disconcerting than coming out of the store and finding a new ding on your door. In many cases the other driver may not have even realized that they scratched your paint, but that does not make the damage any less annoying.

If it is time to paint your car or repair a ding, consider upgrading to a more ding-resistant finish. Ask your body shop technician about modern materials and how they can protect the exterior of your vehicle.

A Long-Lasting Battery

A dead battery can bring your trip to a premature end. If your battery is getting old, consider upgrading to a longer lasting version. There are batteries designed to provide 5, 6 and even 7 years of trouble-free service. That means less time spent at the repair shop or waiting for the tow truck and more time enjoying the open road.


The Benefits of Keeping Your Car Clean

Everyone loves a clean car because it smells good, is comfortable to ride in, and provides a pleasant atmosphere for traveling. In addition to comfort, car owners realize many other benefits by keeping their cars clean. According to Cobblestone Auto Spa, it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to keep your car clean and looking its best. Getting a fast car wash especially in Phoenix, AZ is a simple way to keep your car clean and looking its best.

Improves Safety

Visibility is enhanced when windows and windshield are clean, especially at night when it is more difficult to see on unlit roadways. Other drivers will be able to see clean headlights, taillights, and blinkers, but dirty lights make it harder to see cars. Clutter in your car can be dangerous. A plastic cup, bottle, or bag on the floor of your car can suddenly end up under your gas or brake pedal and prevent you from stopping. Too often automobile accidents are caused by trash piling up in your vehicle. Trash can also cause carpet stains and odors in your car. In addition to being unpleasant, stains and odors lower the resale value of your vehicle.


Benefits of Clean Outside and Inside Surfaces

Car Care Aid reminds drivers that in addition to looking good, a clean outside car surface increases the life of a vehicle. By removing dust, dirt, snow, and salt residue, you protect the finish on your car’s paint and reduce the risk of rust formation. You can improve the performance of your car and prevent expensive repairs by having your car washed regularly. Keeping the inside surfaces of your car clean extends life, reduces damage and stain risk, and adds to the life and resale value of your car. Cluttered surfaces can obstruct vision and pose an accident risk.


Higher Resale Value

One of the first things a potential car buyer does is look over the interior of the car for stains, tears, broken surfaces, missing knobs, and anything else that mars the appearance of the inside of the vehicle. They also sniff the inside air to detect if there are any unpleasant odors that will cause discomfort when driving the car. A car that has been maintained inside and outside is worth more money than a neglected vehicle of the same age and model. Rust spots, scratches, and pit marks all affect the appearance of the car to a prospective buyer and lower the resale value. If you haven’t been keeping your car as clean as it should be, set aside time to have it professionally cleaned and detailed, and then have it cleaned on a regular basis. You will enjoy the time you spend in it and increase the resale value.


Mark regular car was and cleaning days on the calendar, and don’t let trash collect in your vehicle. A clean car reduces the need of repairs, reduces accident risk, increases resale value, and gives you a sense of pride.